2015 Vail Lacrosse Shootout – Day 3

2015 Vail Lacrosse Shootout – Day 3


Day three of the Vail Lacrosse Shootout continued with play in five divisions, U19 Boys and Girls, Supermasters, Grandmasters, and Zenmasters. Both Grandmasters and Zenmasters champions were crowned, with the Eldest Statesmen taking first in the Grandmasters once again and Los Abuelos de C2C taking the first ever championship in the Zenmasters.

Tuesday, the Elder Statesmen will take on Moondoggies to decide the next Supermasters champion. The U19 Girls will begin their first day of bracket play and the U19 Boys will decide which semi finalists will play in the championship game.

Results for Monday 6/29

U19 Boys

Day two of the High School Boys division determined the Batlimore Crabs, Leading Edge, FCA, and Colorado will face off in the semi-final round of the Dr. Tom Watts Memorial Tournament.

Leading Edge 11, 3D NE Select 7

Colorado 15, Brady’s Bunch 7

Baltimore Crabs 8, ADRLN 6

Trojans 0, Wasatch 21

Local Favorites 6, Minnesota Chill 14

U19 Girls

The High School Girls completed the second day of pool play to determine the tournament’s brackets.

Lax Monkey 4, Team 180 2016 16

Team 180 2018 3, Team HLA 18

Fuzion 3, PSS 12

Houston Heat 7, Team 180 2019 13

Team Colorado 3, Stars 2019 Blue 16

New Image Lacrosse 0, Les Diables Bleus 19

3d Colorado 5, Utah Mamaci 11

Team Colorado 1, Team 180 2016 14

Fuzion 9, Utah Mamaci 8

Houston Heat 15, MN Lakers 2019 8

Ascent 4, Stars 2019 Black 10

Lax Monkey 1, Stars 2019 Blue 15

Men’s Supermasters

Keeper of Lacrosse Award: Jim Headrick, Navy Old Goats

Generals 10, Navy Old Goats 5

Moondoggies 6, C2C Magic Wands 5

This Supermasters game was neck in neck throughout the entire game, with each team answering the opponent’s goals quickly. Moondoggies pulled away with a win, thanks to a goal with under three minutes left in the game.

Elder Statesmen 13, Yellow Dog 9

Middlebury 7, Colorado Liquor Mart 5

Princeton BCLF 9, Boulder Sam Adams 2

Like a Dog 13, Vendetta’s 10

Men’s Grandmasters

Keeper of Lacrosse award: Cat Stevens, AFA Graybirds

Eldest Statesmen 8, Los Viejos 5

The Men’s Grandmasters Championship was mostly evenly matched throughout the entire game, however the Elder Statesmen built a solid lead in the first quarter and Los Viejos could never quite catch up. Viejos put in a good fight and made it a game despite a small amount of subs.

Tombstone 7, AFA Graybirds 3

Mr. Boh 5, Navy 7

Cirrus 5, Middlebury 3

Cirrus 3, Princeton BCLF 7

Final Standings

1st Place: Eldest Statesmen

2nd Place: Los Viejos

3rd Place: Tombstone

4th Place: AFA Graybirds

5th Place: Navy Grand Goats

6th Place: Mr. Boh

7th Place: Princeton BCLF

8th Place: Cirrus

9th Place: Middlebury

Men’s Zenmasters

Navy Old & Gnarly Goats 7, Los Abuelos de C2C 10

Mr. Boh 7, Peak-ed Masters 2

Final Standings

1st Place: Los Abuelos de C2C

Tied for 2nd Place: Navy Old & Gnarly Goats, Mr. Boh, Peak-ed Masters

Schedule for Tuesday 6/30

U19 Boys

Ford 1

10:00am FCA vs. Colorado

2:00pm Leading Edge vs. Baltimore Crabs

Avon 1

9:00am Laxachusetts vs. Brady’s Bunch

3:00pm 3D NE Select vs. ADRLN

Avon 2

10:00am Local Favorites vs. Wasatch

1:00pm Trojans vs. Minnesota Chill

U19 Girls

Edwards 1

9:15am Houston Heat vs. New Image

10:30am Les Diables Bleus vs. Lax Monkey

1:00pm TBD

2:15pm TBD

Edwards 2

8:00am MN Lakers Select 2019 vs. Denver Summit

9:15am Stillwater MN vs. Utah Mamaci

10:30am Puget Sound vs. Stars 2019 Blue

11:45am Ascent vs. Cat-A-Lax

1:00pm TBD

2:15pm TBD

3:30pm Ascent vs. MN Academy

Edwards 3

8:00am Cat-A-Lax vs. MN Academy

9:15am Team 180 2019 vs. 3D Colorado

10:30am Team HLA vs. Fuzion

11:45am Ascent vs. Cat-A-Lax

1:00pm TBD

2:15pm TBD

Edwards 4

9:15am Stars 2019 Black vs. Team Colorado

1:00pm TBD

2:15pm TBD

Men’s Supermasters

Ford 1

8:30am Yellow Dog vs. C2C Magic Wands

12:00pm Elder Statesmen vs. Moondoggies

Ford 2

8:30am Like a Dog vs. Navy Old Goats

10:00am Generals vs. Vendetta’s

Vail Mountain School

8:30am Colorado Liquor Mart vs. Boulder Sam Adams

10:00am Middlebury vs. Princeton BCLF

Vail Shootout Schedule
Zenmasters: June 27 - June 29
Grandmasters: June 27 - June 29
Supermasters: June 27 - June 30
U19 Boys: June 28 - July 1
U19 Girls: June 28 - July 1
Elite Men: July 2 - July 5
Elite Women: July 2 - July 5
Masters (30 & up): July 3 - July 5

Photo Captions:


Jim Headrick of the Navy Old Goats received the Keeper of Lacrosse award for the Supermasters division.


Cat Stevens of the AFA Graybirds received the Keeper of Lacrosse award for the Grandmasters division.


Los Abuelos de C2C received the first place trophy for the Zenmasters division, after racking up the most wins of the four teams participating


An ADRLN attackman takes a diving shot as he goes one-on-one with the Baltimore Crabs goalie in the U19 Boys division.


An Elder Statesmen player tries to avoid the checks from a Yellow Dog opponent during the Men’s Supermasters semi-final game.
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