2013 Vail Lacrosse Shootout – Day 5

2013 Vail Lacrosse Shootout – Day 5

The Baltimore Crabs has won the last seven out of eight High School Boys championships.

It was High School Championship day at the 41st Vail Lacrosse Shootout. Across the five boys and girls brackets, five teams walked away Division Champions.

In the Dr. Tom Watts Memorial U-19 High School Boy’s Showcase, the Baltimore Crabs won the title in a thrilling overtime game against Laxachusetts. The crabs are one of the most dominate teams in the history of the Shootout and have now won seven out of the last eight Division 1 championships. Minnesota Frost defeated FCA Colorado 12-9 to claim the Division 2 championship.

In the Girls U-19 High School Showcase Team HLA won its third consecutive Gold Division championship, Oregon Elite took home the Silver Division Title and True MN Lacrosse won the Bronze.

Tomorrow the “big dogs” come to play at the 41st Shootout. Men’s Elite action gets going at 9:00am in Edwards and Vail, Women’s Elite starts at 9:00am in Edwards, and the Masters kick off at 8:30am on Athletic Field.

Results for Tuesday 7/2

Dr. Tom Watts Memorial U-19 High School Boy’s Showcase

Division 1 Bracket
Championship: 12:30pm - Ford Field - Baltimore Crabs 10, Laxachusetts 9

In the Division I High School boys championship, the Baltimore Crabs took yet another trophy home. Laxachusetts took an early lead in the first quarter, but the Crabs came back in the second quarter with 6 goals. The Crabs then maintained their lead until the end of the fourth when Laxachusetts tied it up. The Crabs won in overtime with a goal from Rainier.

3rd Place: 8:30am - Ford Field – FCA 10, Adrenaline Jr. Tropics 9

In this very close game, FCA managed to score the go-ahead goal with 1:08 left in the game. FCA dominated the face-off game and controlled the ball for the majority of the game. Adrenaline was successful on their clears, keeping them in the game, but had trouble getting shots on cage.

5th Place: 10:30am - Athletic - Midwest Select 11, Brady’s Bunch 3

Midwest came out strong and dominated with a strong attack scoring five goals in the first half. Brady’s Bunch picked up the pace in the fourth for a rally and won the quarter with three goals to Midwest’s one.

7th Place: 8:30am - Athletic - Team Colorado 10, Minnesota Chill 6

Things started off slow for Team Colorado in the first half with Chill scoring two goals early in the first period, but in the third period Colorado took it away scoring five goals, taking the lead.

Division 2 Bracket
Championship: 10:30am - Ford Field - Minnesota Frost 12, FCA Colorado 9
FCA Colorado started strong with a 3-1 first quarter. Frost got off to a strong second half thanks to many face-off wins from Ben Wiliams and strong shots from Ryan McNamara. Frost was able to pull ahead with help from FCA penalties near the end.
3rd Place: 9:00am - Homestake Peak Stadium - Black Hawks 18, Lawrenceville Big Red 8
5th Place: 10:30am - Homestake Peak Stadium - Altitude Sickness 7 vs. Nebraska Buddha’s Ballers 5
7th Place: 7:30am - Homestake Peak Stadium - Orange 11, Local Favorites 4

Final Standing:

Division 1

1st: Baltimore Crabs

2nd: Laxachusetts

3rd: FCA

4th: Adrenaline Jr. Tropics

5th: Midwest Select

6th: Brady’s Bunch

7th: Team Colorado

8th: Minnesota Chill

Division 2

1st: Minnesota Frost

2nd: FCA Colorado

3rd: Black Hawks

4th: Lawrenceville Red

5th: Altitude Sickness

6th: Nebraska Buddha’s Ballers

7th: Orange

8th: Local Favorites

US Lacrosse – Keeper of Lacrosse Award

Minnesota Chill coaching staff

All-Tournament Team

Paul Schalau-Midwest Select

Justin Guterding-Baltimore Crabs

Niko Panepinto-Laxachusetts

Devin McNamara-Baltimore Crabs

Ryan McNamara-Minnesota Frost

Lucas Gradinger- Adrenaline Jr. Tropics

Zachary Bartoco-Baltimore Crabs

Chris Carter-Adrenaline Jr. Tropics

Patrick Healy-Laxachusetts

Ethan Powley-Baltimore Crabs

JD Hall-Team Colorado

Brian Balkam-FCA

Mike Orefice-Laxachusetts

U-19 High School Girl’s Showcase

(All U-19 girl’s games are in Edwards)

Gold Bracket
Championship: 10:30am – Edwards Turf – Team HLA 17, PA Express
Team HLA took no time in seizing a commanding 4-1 lead, but PA Express kept it close early. After a good possession they got a goal bringing them within two. The game came down to focus as both teams were neck and neck in terms of athleticism. Team HLA had limited their mistakes and effectively used PA Express' turnovers. HLA used some good unselfish play, scoring six goals, four of which were assisted, taking 10- 3 lead. The tournament MVP, Zoe Stukenberg of Team HLA, contributed a goal and an assist, but teammate Tess McEvoy had captured the half with 3 goals. PA Express' McKenna Coyle had an amazing half taking shots from every angle and racking in six saves limiting HLA's lead to 11-3. PA Express' Katie O'Donnell scored the first goal of the second half for her team, but HLA continued to utilize the back-cut pass to widen their lead to 12. PA Express tried to match the intensity of their opponent but it was too late, Team HLA had sealed the victory long before. Goalie McKenna Coyle had another great half with 6 saves but Team HLA put an exclamation point on the game with a goal in the last ten seconds of the game and won the U19 Gold Division 17-5. PA Express received second place.
3rd Place: 9:15am – Edwards 3 – Team 180 17, Stars Blue 5
5th Place: 10:30am – Edwards 2 – Utah Mamaci Elite 12, Puget Sound Select 10
7th Place: 9:15am – Edwards 4 – Wolverines 10, LaxNW Rippers 8

Silver Bracket
Championship: 9:15am – Edwards Turf – Oregon Elite 13, Midwestern Force 5
Midwestern Force came out slow allowing Oregon Elite's Lilly Newman to score two quick goals. Midwestern Force took a timeout which seemed to help as they answered back scoring two goals of their own. Midwestern's hustle was hard to match, but they had several mental lapses, which Oregon Elite capitalized on to take a 7-2 lead. Midwestern Force continued to fight, especially goaltender Isa Rodriquez coming up with some big-time saves. Oregon Elite controlled the tempo for the first half giving them a 8-3 lead at the start of the second. Morgan Fee scored the first goal of the second half for Midwest with Macaulay Mikes scoring soon after to bring them within 3. Midwestern Force could not contain the lightning speed of Oregon Elite as two goals were scored by Mariah Gatti and Natalie Byrne. Along with some big saves down the stretch by Oregon Elite's Caroline Ambrose, Midwestern Force couldn't close the gap.

3rd Place: 8:00am – Edwards 3 – Indy United 13, Utah Mamaci Black 12
5th Place: 8:00am – Edwards 3 – Denver Summit 9, Team Colorado 8 (OT)
7th Place: 9:15am – Edwards 2 – Boise River 8, MN Lakers Select 2017 5

Bronze Pool
8:00am – Edwards Turf – True Lacrosse MN 10, 3d Select 7
8:00am – Edwards 2 – Aspen Girls 9, Utah Mamaci Gold 8
10:30am – Edwards 3 – True Lacrosse MN 10 vs. Houston Heat 9

Final Standing:

Gold Bracket
1st: Team HLA
2nd: PA Express
3rd: Team 180
4th: Stars Blue 2017
5th: Utah Mamaci Elite
6th: Puget Sound Select
7th: Wolverines
8th: LaxNW Rippers

Silver Bracket
1st: Oregon Elite
2nd: Midwestern Force
3rd: Indy Unted
4th: Utah Mamaci Black
5th: Denver Summit
6th: Team Colorado
7th: Boise River Lacrosse
8th: MN Lakers Select 2017

Bronze Pool
1st: True MN Lacrosse
2nd: Huston Heat
3rd: 3d Select
4th: Aspen Girls
5th: Utah Mamaci Gold

US Lacrosse – Keeper of Lacrosse Award

Utah Mamaci coaches: Katie Lock and Traci Shurtleff

All-Tournament Team

Lilly Newman - Oregon

Abigail Bergevin - Oregon

Jannel Daufenbach - Denver Summit

Shelby Piper - Team 180

Morgan Fee - Midwestern Force

Caroline Wiseman - Stars Blue

Devin Hassinger - PA Express

Katie O’Donnell - PA Express

Nicole Barretta - PA Express

Wyatt Whitley - Team HLA

Alex Mckay - Team HLA

Madeline Streech - Denver Summit

Zoe Stukenberg - Team HLA

Sean Albert - Team HLA

Schedule for Thursday 7/4

Men’s Elite:

Play-In Games
9:00am - Edwards 4 (South Grass) - Adrenaline Tropics vs. Colorado Mavs
9:00am - Edwards Turf (NW) - Minnesota Chill vs. Team Tama
1:00pm - Edwards 4 (South Grass) - Team Gutman vs. All Out
1:00pm - Edwards Turf (NW) - Prestige Lacrosse vs. Millenium Lax

Championship Bracket - First Round
9:00am - Ford - Denver City Lax / StyLax vs. LOFers
11:00am - Ford - Brine Elite vs. Warrior X
11:00am - Edwards 4 (South Grass) - Southern Combat vs. (Winner of Adrenaline Tropics vs. Colorado Mavs)
11:00am - Edwards Turf (NW) - Big Green Herd vs. (Winner of Minnesota Chill vs. Team Tama)
1:00pm - Ford - Rocky Mountain Oysters vs. True Lacrosse
3:00pm - Ford - Lacrossewear vs. Crease Beavers
3:00pm - Edwards 4 (South Grass) - Jammin' Salmon vs. (Winner of Team Gutman vs. All Out)
3:00pm - Edwards Turf (NW) - FCA vs. (Winner of Prestige Lacrosse vs. Millenium Lax)

Women’s Elite:

Edwards 2

9:00am - Pappy’s vs. Honeybadgers

10:15am - #1 Stunner of the Month vs. Team STX

11:30am - Colorado Lacrosse Club vs. Harrow Honeybadgers

12:45pm - LOFers vs. Team STX

2:00pm - Pappy’s vs. Colorado Lacrosse Club

3:15pm - #1 Stunner of the Month vs. LOFers

Edwards 3

9:00am - CWLA vs. Gang Green

10:15am - The Laxatives vs. Run Around Sue

11:30am - Team Wild vs. Gang Green

12:45pm - CRSLAX.Com vs. Run Around Sue

2:00pm - CWLA vs. Team Wild

3:15pm - The Laxatives vs. CRSLAX.com

Master’s Division:

Vail Mountain School

8:30am - Olympic Club vs. Power Tek

10:30am – Hulu vs. Silver Oysters

12:30pm – Jagermeister/Force 5 vs. Buddha’s Ballers

2:30pm – Middlebury vs. Team Adrenaline
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