2013 Vail Lacrosse Shootout – Day 4

2013 Vail Lacrosse Shootout – Day 4

The Elder Statesmen won their second consecutive Vail Lacrosse Shootout Supermasters title.

Day four of the 2013 Vail Lacrosse Shootout saw the Tournament’s second champion crowned. The Elder Statesmen repeated as champions of the Shootout’s Supertasters Division downing the C2C Magic Wands by a final score of 16-4.

The Dr. Tom Watts Memorial U-19 High Schools Boy’s Showcase semifinals took place in Avon. The Baltimore Crabs who returned to the shootout after taking one year off, won the division championship six times in a row from 2006-2011 and have come back looking to continue their winning ways. The Crabs will face Laxachusetts who defeated Adrenaline Jr. Tropics 8-4. The U-19 Boy’s Championship will take place on Ford Field at 12:30pm.

The Girl’s U-19 division split up into Gold, Silver and Bronze divisons for their third day of tournament play. In the Gold bracket, PA Express will take on last year’s champions Team HLA at 10:30am in Edwards. In the Silver bracket Midwestern Force faces Oregon Elite for the Silver Championship at 9:15am in Edwards.

Results for Tuesday 7/2
Super Master’s Division (40+)
Championship Bracket
Championship: Elder Statesmen 16, C2C Magic Wands 4
On a glorious early July afternoon at 8000', the mostly-somewhat Hobart group of Elder Statesmen easily won their second consecutive Supermasters title at the 41st Vail Shootout. It was a very convincing 16-4 victory over the Magic Wands out of Texas. Dan Pratt (Syracuse ’87) opened the scoring for the Elder Statesmen. Pratt methodically made the trip from one end of the field to the other where upon arriving he simply deposited the ball into the Magic Wand net. Goals were spaced evenly in time and amongst many names Lance Savage (Hobart ’90) had 2 goals and 2 assists, Sam Hovey (St. Lawrence ’87) also had 2 goals and 2 assists, and Cort Kim (Albany ’92) had 3 goals and one assist. Dan Cisneros (Bowdoin ’84) had 11 save in yet another stellar goal tending performance.

The dominance got to a barrage state as the Statesmen reeled off 6 goals in the third quarter and zapped any magic that might have been left in the Wands and it was 12-3 after three quarters.
The Elder Statesmen are a very colorful group. The roster is a who's who of yesteryear and still a most fun team to watch.

3rd Place: Yellow Dog 8, Princeton BCLF 3

Consolation Bracket
Consolation Championship: Middlebury 13, Moondoggies 7
Consolation: Navy Old Goats 6, CoBiz 3
Consolation: Arizona Wildfire 7, Team ARTA 3

Final Standing:
1st: Elder Statesmen
2nd: C2C Magic Wands
3rd: Yellow Dog
4th: Princeton BCLF
5th: Middlebury
6th: Moondoggies
7th: Arizona Wildfire
8th: Navy Old Goats
9th: CoBiz
10th: Team ARTA

US Lacrosse – Keeper of Lacrosse Award
Bob Sideli – Middlebury

Dr. Tom Watts Memorial U-19 High School Boy’s Showcase
Division 1 Bracket – Avon 1
Semifinal: 11:00am - Laxachusetts 8, Adrenaline Jr. Tropics 4
Adrenaline showed a lot of heart, but just could not match the speed and ball handling of the Green-clad Boston boys. Laxa's ball hawking on ground balls gave them numerous possessions and they cashed in several. In addition, their #15, Mike Oregice dominated the faceoff circle.
Semifinal: 1:00pm - Baltimore Crabs 17, FCA 8
It appeared that the Crabs could score at will and they did so in clusters. Tied at 2 at 5:04 of the first, the Crabs ran off 4 goals in less than a minute to determine the outcome. The Crabs were never again threatened. Bright spot for FCA was F/O specialist s. Kelly with 7 wax jobs Greene with four goals and Guterding with two goals and five total points led the Crabs.
5th Place Bracket: 9:00am - Midwest Select 12, Team Colorado 11
A see-saw game where neither team could seem to take advantage of EMO situations. Colorado had the lead with 9:09 left, but Midwest closed out the scoring with two in a row and time ran out on the Front Range boys.
5th Place Bracket: 3:00pm - Brady’s Bunch 19, Minnesota Chill 10

Division 2 Bracket – Edwards Turf
Semifinal: 11:00am – Minnesota Frost 25, Black Hawks 12
Semifinal: 1:00pm - FCA Colorado 9, Lawrenceville Big Red 8
5th Bracket: 9:00am – Altitude Sickness 10, Orange 9
5th Bracket: 3:00pm - Nebraska Buddha’s Ballers 8, Local Favorites 3

U-19 High School Girl’s Showcase
(All U-19 girl’s games are in Edwards)
Gold Bracket
Quarter Finals:
11:45am - Edwards 4 - Team HLA 14, Wolverines 2
10:30am - Edwards 2 - Stars Blue 2017 14, Puget Sound Select 7
The Stars Blue '17 are out to prove that age is nothing but a number. They have made a tsunami sized ripple and are showing no signs of slowing down. Dominating the silver division for recent years, these young ladies get their chance to play for gold.
10:30am - Edwards 3 - PA Express 14, Utah Mamaci Elite 2
PA Express had a game plan which they executed perfectly. Mamaci Elite has been a top team for the entire tournament but couldn't find an answer for the play of PA Express.
10:30am - Edwards 4 - Team 180 20, LaxNW Rippers 1

Championship Semifinals:
3:30pm - Edwards 3 - Team HLA 17, Stars Blue 2017 2
Although the Stars Blue fell to Team HLA, they dug deep and gave it everything they had. These rising stars will dominate one day soon.
2:15pm - Edwards 2 - PA Express 12, Team 180 8
PA Express and Team 180 battled to the end of this fast paced game but PA Express possess the edge to put them ahead and ultimately walk away with the win even though Team 180 made PA work for every goal they got.
Consolation Semifinals:
2:15pm - Edwards 3 - Puget Sound Select 13, Wolverines 7
2:15pm - Edwards 4 - Utah Mamaci Elite 11, LaxNW Rippers 6

Silver Bracket
Quarter Finals:
8:00am - Edwards 4 - Utah Mamaci Black 12, Boise River 8
9:15am - Edwards 2 - Oregon Elite 13, Team Colorado 5
From the beginning Oregon Elite wanted to impose their will and did just that. Team Colorado fell behind and couldn’t get into a rhythm. Lilly Newman of the Oregon Elite had the hot hand scoring six goals.
9:15am - Edwards 3 - Midwestern Force 11 Denver Summit 6
Midwestern Force topped Denver Summit in a game of speed and quickness. Denver Summit's Madeline Streech had a monster of a game with 13 saves.
9:15am - Edwards 4 - Indy United 11, MN Lakers Select 2017 1

Championship Semifinals:
3:30pm - Edwards 2 - Oregon Elite 15, Utah Mamaci Black 0
1:00pm - Edwards 2 - Midwestern Force 14, Indy United 11
Consolation Semifinals:
1:00pm - Edwards 3 - Team Colorado 12, Boise River 3
1:00pm - Edwards 4 - Denver Summit 12, MN Lakers Select 2017 4

Bronze Pool
8:00am - Edwards 2 - True MN 16, Aspen Girls 6
8:00am - Edwards 3 - Houston Heat 12, Utah Mamaci Gold 2
11:45am - Edwards 2 - 3d Select 16, Utah Mamaci Gold 7
11:45am - Edwards 3 - Houston Heat 10, Aspen Girls 4
3:30pm - Edwards 4 - Houston Heat 9, 3d Select 8

Schedule for Wednesday 7/3

Dr. Tom Watts Memorial U-19 High School Boy’s Showcase
Division 1 Bracket
Championship: 12:30pm – Ford Field – Laxachusetts vs. Baltimore Crabs
3rd Place: 8:30am – Ford Field – Adrenaline Jr. Tropics vs. FCA
5th Place: 10:30am – Athletic – Midwest Select vs. Brady’s Bunch
7th Place: 8:30am – Athletic – Team Colorado vs. Minnesota Chill

Division 2 Bracket
Championship: 10:30am – Ford Field – Minnesota Frost vs.
3rd Place: 9:00am – Homestake Peak Stadium – Black Hawks vs.
5th Place: 10:30am – Homestake Peak Stadium – Altitude Sickness vs. Nebraska Buddha’s Ballers
7th Place: 7:30am – Homestake Peak Stadium – Orange vs. Local Favorites

U-19 High School Girl’s Showcase
(All U-19 girl’s games are in Edwards)
Gold Bracket
Championship: 10:30am – Edwards Turf – PA Express vs. Team HLA
3rd Place: 9:15am – Edwards 3 – Team 180 vs. Stars Blue 2017
5th Place: 10:30am – Edwards 2 – Puget Sound Select vs. Utah Mamaci Elite
7th Place: 9:15am – Edwards 4 – Wolverines vs. LaxNW Rippers

Silver Bracket
Championship: 9:15am – Edwards Turf – Midwestern Force vs. Oregon Elite
3rd Place: 8:00am – Edwards 3 – Indy United vs. Utah Mamaci Black
5th Place: 8:00am – Edwards 3 – Team Colorado vs. Denver Summit
7th Place: 9:15am – Edwards 2 – MN Lakers Select 2017 vs. Boise River

Bronze Bracket
8:00am – Edwards Turf – True Lacrosse MN vs. 3d Select
8:00am – Edwards 2 – Utah Mamaci Gold vs. Aspen Girls
10:30am – Edwards 3 – True Lacrosse MN vs. Houston Heat
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