2013 Colgate Lacrosse Player Blog: Maryland for the Seniors

2013 Colgate Lacrosse Player Blog: Maryland for the Seniors

2013 Colgate Lacrosse Player Blog: Maryland for the Seniors

Benjamin Shapiro
Senior – #19 – Midfield
Colgate Lacrosse

Maryland for the Seniors

The last week of the season was upon us whether we liked it or not. It was going to be the last time the 2013 Colgate Raiders were together as a team. Our opponent was Maryland, but it wasn’t about who were playing but rather who we were playing with. This week was about the Raiders, and the 10 seniors who were ending their college lacrosse careers and moving on to the ranks of alumni. It was Maryland, for the seniors.

The practiced week kicked off with our usual pre practice meeting and weekly awards on Monday. Trevor “T-Rev” Atkins earned the practice player of the week award, while Brendan McCann earned player of the game honors for having 4 points against Lehigh despite battling a stomach virus all weekend. Monday was a beautiful day in Hamilton, NY, as was the rest of our last week of practice of the year. We ended practice Monday with a long 30 minutes scrimmage that showed a lot energy and enthusiasm. Tuesday began our preparation for the Terrapins, a team we were looking to continue our recent success against. On Wednesday we ended practice with team favorite, “bball” where the team of New York, New Jersey, and Toronto won against the rest of the team, to no one’s surprise. Thursday marked our last practice on Andy Kerr, as we were on the road to Maryland Friday morning. After a long trip down to Maryland, we practiced on their football practice field around 5 P.M. We had our last pregame practice, with Dennis Brown breaking down the team. County had a great speech, telling the team of the great relationships he’s made throughout his career here, and win or lose how proud he is of this group.

I have to mention the great work of Alex “Al” Castle this season that has been recovering from a torn ACL all spring. Al has become a fan favorite of the seniors, as he always supplies us with “treats” on the bus ride to our contests. He even awards Bus MVP honors, who gets to receive a pack of fun dip, everyone’s favorite. But in all seriousness, Al along with the rest of the injured players such as Eric Pfiffner, have done whatever the coaches or players have asked of them while they get healthy, and we are appreciative of their efforts and can’t wait to see them back on the field.

Saturday came quickly with an 8:30 breakfast at the hotel. After a Maryland specialty of biscuits and gravy we were off to Byrd Stadium for our final game. We got to the stadium early with plenty of time to shoot around and enjoy the great atmosphere. After watching Maryland honor their seniors, it was time to honor ours with one last performance.

Unfortunately the game did not go as we would have liked, as Maryland was simply a better team on Saturday. They got off to a fast start and kept their foot on the pedal throughout the game. Still, myself and the rest of the seniors were proud of the effort this team gave during the game, and throughout the season. It was not the season we were hoping for, but it was still an unforgettable journey with 47 of my best friends. In terms of myself and the rest of the senior class, it was a great ride. We had a great career here at Colgate that included 2 Patriot League tournament finals, and an NCAA quarterfinal. More importantly the class consisted of 10 great friends that experienced four of the best years of their lives together.

Since this will be my last blog I would like to thank everyone who has been reading the blog, I really appreciate the support you guys (mostly parents) gave me throughout the season. Also, I want to say thanks to my coaches and Lacrosse Playground who gave me the opportunity to write this piece, as it was a really unique and fun experience. Once again, thanks to everyone

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