2013 Colgate Lacrosse Player Blog: Battle in Bethlehem

2013 Colgate Lacrosse Player Blog: Battle in Bethlehem

2013 Colgate Lacrosse Player Blog: Battle in Bethlehem

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Benjamin Shapiro
Senior – #19 – Midfield
Colgate Lacrosse

Battle in Bethlehem

After the loss to Army we were forced to regroup and recover for our upcoming game against the team from Bethlehem. Not much needed to be said to get us going for this one, as we were playing the team that took the Patriot League Championship away from us last year. That ring hanging above the entrance to our locker room all spring, that flag they stomped on our field, that was all we needed to motivate us throughout the week and on game day.

The Sunday game forced us to take a day off on Monday, but as usual we were back at it Tuesday afternoon to watch film and hand out our weekly awards. #26 Matt “The Law Firm” “RGD earned practice player of the week honors for an outstanding job mimicking Army’s #9 all week in practice, while Bobby Lawrence was named player of the game for a truly outstanding effort even in the loss. Winter did not want to leave Hamilton, and heavy snow and wind-chill forced us inside to start off our practice week. The indoor practice allowed us to begin our preparation for our opponent, and work on our 6 on 6 play. Wednesday was a nicer day and we were able to work on full field situations on Andy Kerr.

In preparation for playing on the grass field of Goodman Stadium, we practiced on our back soccer fields the next couple of days. On Thursday we began practice with “Lead GB’s”, to work on getting low and scooping hard through ground balls on the tougher grass field. Before heading in from practice on Thursday, many of us had to bang out our cleats outside the athletic facility, bringing back fond memories of our high school lacrosse days, or at least for myself. Friday we were once again on the grass for our pregame practice, with Captain Jimmy Queeney breaking us down before we left for Bethlehem. Jimmy called upon us to raise our intensity level, and provide some payback to our opponent. After showering up we were on the road to Pennsylvania.

For the first time in a while we were able to stop at team favorite “Pizza Grande” en route to our game. The portions were more to the team's and especially Matt Yeager’s liking, as the double breasts of chicken parmesan were more than filling for the team, or once again, at least myself. After watching some college lacrosse on the later part of the trip, specifically the exciting Albany-Hopkins game, we arrived at the hotel. After a meeting in a conference room we were up to our luxurious “single” rooms with an early wakeup upon us.

Everyone did a good job getting themselves up for an early breakfast where not much was said at the tables. Although, by the time we rolled out of the hotel at 845 everyone was revved up and ready to go. We arrived at Goodman Stadium with the sun shining brightly on to the grass field. We had a lot of the time to throw and shoot around before warmups, which gave us an opportunity to get used to the surface and the great venue. With the opening whistle upon us, I sensed our team getting amped up for the big game, with some help from our opponents hooting and hollering, as they like to do. Finally the opening whistle blew and we were underway at Goodman Stadium. The Stallion’s enthusiasm and “glee” was at an all time level on the sideline, providing the starters with some extra energy. After falling behind 2-0, we fought back to tie the game. The rest of the contest proved to be pretty back and forth, but we came up short 13-10. Despite the loss, I was really proud of our team’s efforts, as I thought it was the hardest we have played all season. Although, we did not keep our poise throughout the game as we had 8 penalties, which Coach Murphy will surely punish us for in practice. The 2013 team now knows the type of effort that is needed to compete in these though Patriot League games. I know we would love nothing more than to pay those guys back when the stakes are even higher.

Also can’t forget to mention the injustices done to the best parents in Division 1 Lacrosse, the Colgate University Lacrosse Tailgate Association (CULTA). As our flag, hamburger patties, and even some beers were taken from our parents. The university police did not perform a sincere search for the criminals, although I’m confident Mr. Ryan will track those hooligans down and provide them with the proper punishment.

As we look towards next week we will turn our attention towards the Lafayette Leopards, as we look to get back in the win column, and potentially earn a Patriot League Tournament birth.

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