2013 Boston University Lacrosse Player Blog: Pray for Boston

2013 Boston University Lacrosse Player Blog: Pray for Boston

2013 Boston University Lacrosse Player Blog: Pray for Boston

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Danielle Etrasco
Senior – #13 – Attacker
Boston University

Week 9: Pray for Boston

What a week it has been in Boston. It is hard to begin with a fun, lighthearted recap of our incredible senior game after such terrible, senseless acts that have just taken place at the Boston marathon.

Saturday was my last and final season game played on Nickerson. Needless to say, I was an emotional wreck the entire week leading up to it. Game day was no different. You know those days when you put your laundry in the refrigerator? (Yes I’ve done that) Well, it was one of those mornings. It started with small details: plugging in my straightener and not turning it on, starting my Keurig and confused when only water comes out because I never put the k-cup in, and even sitting in the elevator for a solid 3 minutes before I realized I never pressed the 1st floor button. The inflow of motivating, heartwarming texts and emails from friends, family, and alumni was amazing and filled of great advice to absorb the day. It didn’t take long to start feeling the tears build up after all that. As I walked across the field towards the locker room, I could only handle one look at the scoreboard flashing “Game Day! Come celebrate our seniors at 1pm” to keep delaying the dam that wanted to burst. Punching in our locker room key code, I was holding strong, then I saw my crisp white uniform bundle in my locker. I realized this might be the last time I wear it... Let the tears begin.


Each senior game, the classes have assigned projects to celebrate our big day. The freshmen decorate the locker room, this year choosing a Willy Wonka theme. To say they did an amazing job is an understatement. Posters of oompaloompa’s covered each senior locker, there was candy galore, the detailed decoration of colorful ornaments hanging from trees branches, foam rollers converted into sweet tarts, balloons as gobstoppers, and a silver factory bordering our whiteboard. The sophomores have the exciting, not-at-all-stressful, time of decorating individual sheets to hang next to our field. They hit the nail on the head with our favorite things and inside jokes. Lastly, the juniors are in charge of buying the senior gifts, which is traditionally an item of jewelry. They gave us custom heart shaped silver jewelry boxes, each with our numbers engraved, and Boston University Alex and Ani bracelets were found inside. I have yet to take mine off.

2013 Boston University Lacrosse Player Blog: Pray for Boston

We did in fact play a game that day against SUNY Binghamton. Liz’s pregame was another tear-jerker, inviting three alumni in to read a poem Liz reads every senior game. My heart was racing walking on the field, hearing Shipping Up to Boston, looking at the crowd and taking it all in. With the focus of playing for our seniors, each other and every player to ever wear the jersey, it was one of our best team wins yet! With a score of 21-12, it was our second game with over 20 points, an accomplishment we have been working extremely hard for every practice. A huge congrats to freshman Jenny Thompson for scoring her first collegiate goal, and have 3 points in the game! Classmate Sofia Robins, who has been working on her celey’s at practice – most often involving chest bumps with Syd – got her chance to celebrate and may have been the happiest on the field when Jenny scored. Sofia was also named AE Rookie of the Week for an outstanding game. Good work freshies!

After a great win, we had an even better tailgate. There was great food, a ton of family and friends, and some awesome speeches given by the coaches. Following tradition, senior parents send in funny pictures of their daughters, of which we never want the world to see, and posters are hung up in the tailgate. Liz closes the tailgate with speeches for the senior’s individually and we, as a class, follow up with a thank you to the coaches, Glenn our strength coach and Kim our athletic trainer. Without going into too much detail, I may or may not have slipped an unfavorable word into my speech. Heat of the moment, what can I say.

My favorite tradition of all these aforementioned assignments would be the senior’s gift to the rest to the team; a gift that comes after the game, after the tailgate and all the thank you speeches. The wonderful gift of giving the team a beautiful cake; in the form of smashing it in their face, hair, ears and nose to say thank you for all they’ve done! In case you’re curious, no they cannot fight back. But don’t worry, there are always happy faces in the end, simply knowing their day will come.

2013 Boston University Lacrosse Player Blog: Pray for Boston

2013 Boston University Lacrosse Player Blog: Pray for Boston

It saddens me to end this post with such a terrible and terrifying mention of Marathon Monday. There is no need to recap the attack because I am confident the world is aware of what had happened. I will say, for those of you that have never been in Boston for Patriot’s Day, it's known as one of the happiest days of the year for the city. It is a day that is celebrated by everyone and anyone, with family and friends, cheering on the runners whether in person or on TV. As a team, we did separate in groups to see the marathon, but thankfully we are all safe and returned to campus immediately. We are praying for any victims and their families, those affected both physically and mentally. We are also extremely thankful for BUPD, Boston Police, first responders and volunteers for all of their heroic acts. NBC Sports Network (@NBCSN) tweeted one of the best interpretations of fearless acts- “Reports of Marathon Runners that crossed finish line and continued to run to Mass General Hosptial to give blood to victims #prayforboston.” Boston is in fact a resilient city with people who will not go down without a fight.

We’re taking each day one at a time, walking on eggshells a bit, but still holding our heads high. Today, the team is traveling to UNH to take on the Wildcats, another AE rival! Until next time..
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