2012 Scotland U19 Lacrosse Blog From Turku, Finland

2012 Scotland U19 Lacrosse Blog From Turku, Finland


Jonny Davis, a middie for Team Scotland, will be blogging from Turku, Finland. Jonny will be detailing the daily ins-and-outs of what it’s like to play in the U19 World Games, but also share experiences from off the field. Below is the first installment of the U19 Scotland Lacrosse blog.

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Day 9

The schedule became clear to us today. Tomorrow we must beat the Dutch for the chance to play the Welsh once more, if we win both of these games we get 9th place. If we lose to the Dutch we play the Koreans, a fight for 11th place. This made our goal very clear - we must beat a team we have beaten to play a team who have beaten us, making both games perhaps harder mentally thanks to the history.

Therefore we made sure we had all bases covered in pre game training. We worked with some of the Canadian coaches during a thunderstorm to improve on our intensity, something the loss had undermined in the past few days. After they had left we cut the drills and ran 6 on 6 - today was a day to practice our plays and what we knew, not to work on stick skills. Having tightened it up we left for the afternoon. With training over, everyone was was grateful for the afternoon off - although all we were doing was playing lacrosse, several days of walk throughs, training, games and walking back and forth from the pitches had begun to take its toll.

For me that meant more muffins and a chance to watch the English play the Czech, a game which they took control of from the beginning, good to see considering they were in a group made up of the Canadians, Iroquois, Yanks and Aussies (the latter they beat). Josh Hurry, a long pole from my old club team also got a goal in during their victory, a win that should guarantee them fourth place. The game was followed by a pizza on the riverside, then more weak efforts at getting girls attention in the square from the boys - a usual night.
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