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Jonny Davis, a middie for Team Scotland, will be blogging from Turku, Finland. Jonny will be detailing the daily ins-and-outs of what it’s like to play in the U19 World Games, but also share experiences from off the field. Below is the first installment of the U19 Scotland Lacrosse blog.

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Day 8

Today, was all about lifting team morale after yesterday's loss against the Welsh. With the team deflated and most of our minds clearly in the wrong place, we were taken out for an unconventional training session. Rather than running drills, we ran six-on-six for 1 or 2 hours, hacking pieces out of each other and generally letting some steam off - none of us were ready to think about walk-throughs. The weather helped, with the sun hot enough to allow just pinnies. We reminded ourselves that although we could now only finish 9th, if we won our next game we could face the Welsh again, motivation enough to get everyone's head back where it should be. I personally found ice cream, Subway, and muffins helped me get over the loss.

I was glad to spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing. Watching the US play the Iroquois was big, with the US losing for the first time to the Nationals, followed by the Canada/Australia game. The Iroquois style of play showcased the standard of play they had reached, and ultimately their superiority. A Canada/Iroquois final could well be in the books. We left at half time, knowing that the game we would've been playing in had we won the day before was on at 7pm.

Back to real training tomorrow.
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