2012 Freemason Lacrosse Tournament

2012 Freemason Lacrosse Tournament

The Frederick Men’s Lacrosse Association and the Freemason Tyrian Lodge 205 our proud to bring you the 2012 Freemason Lacrosse Tournament, June 9th and 10th in Walkersville Maryland. The proceeds for the tournament will go towards a scholarship provided by the Freemason Tyrian Lodge to any local student.

Last year we hosted a turn out of 10 elite teams, and 4 grand masters teams from MD, VA, PA and NY. The championship game was a hard fought contest between the Salt Shakerz and Tropic Thunder. As the game came to a conclusion, the Salt Shakerz pulled out a win. This year we are planning to grow the tournament to include a master’s division.

For 2012 we are expecting 20 Open Division teams including Natty Brohs, Salt Shakerz, Dirty Birds, Blue Moon LC and FMLA. The Grand Masters division will be played as a one day tournament and looks to have 8 competitive teams from all up and down the east coast.

For a chance to play some great lacrosse in Western Maryland, please visit http://freemasonlacrosse.org to register your team or for more information please contact Chris (chris@fredericklacrosse.com) or Erik (ErikHolt@myactv.net)
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