2010 NYC Marathon x Lead the Way Fund in Memory of Jimmy Regan, Duke '02

Matt Breuer is running this year's NYC Marathon on November 7th. He is running the marathon as part of a team to raise money for the Lead the Way Fund, an organization founded to honor the memory of Sgt. James "Jimmy" Regan by supporting the families of US Army Rangers. Jimmy played lacrosse at Duke.

With the terrorist attacks of September 11th fresh in his mind, after graduating from Duke in 2002, Jimmy declined offers to go to law school and work on Wall Street and chose to enlist in the US Army and join the Rangers, the Army's elite combat unit. Jimmy was killed in action in Iraq. From everything we've heard and read about Jimmy, it is hard to imagine a better teammate or friend. Having played at Duke, this cause has special meaning for Matt Breuer.

Last year, Breuer's marathon team raised over $75,000 to help support the families of fallen Rangers, and they hope to double that amount this year. Most Rangers make less than $2,000 per month and have saved little to support their families if killed in action or seriously wounded. Every donation helps!

If you know anyone who might be interested in contributing to the cause, please share this with them or direct them to www.firstgiving.com/mattbreuer. More on the Lead the Way Fund here.
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