2010 Finalists: America's Best Young Entrepreneurs List Includes Lacrosse Company

PrimeTime Lacrosse was fortunate enough to be selected as one of the top 25 companies run by people under 25 in the US by Businessweek. Now there is a voting round through October 28th, and we think it would be unbelievable for the game if they could get some exposure for lacrosse in the business world. VOTE FOR THEM HERE!

PrimeTime Lacrosse
What it does: Runs lacrosse leagues, training classes, and camps
Founders: Tyler Low, 23, and Jason Wellemeyer, 25
Website: primetimelacrosse.com
Based: Wellesley, Mass.

Tyler Low and Jason Wellemeyer both played lacrosse at Babson College. In 2007, they started an informal summer league for 75 students, who each paid $100 to play once a week. That blossomed into an overnight camp the next year. Now PrimeTime Lacrosse runs camps, training programs, and a league known as Penguin Lacrosse. The company ran a tournament with 50 teams from across North America in June. Low says the two are responding to demand from lacrosse players who want to practice off-season. Their programs start for children as young as 7, with adults as old as 60 playing in their leagues. At peak times, they manage a staff of 50 people, mostly coaches. Close to 2,000 players will participate in training and leagues in 2010. Low says PrimeTime Lacrosse had $270,000 in revenue in 2009 and is projecting $650,000 in 2010.
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