20 Reasons to Skip LXM PRO

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The LXM PRO event in California, combining music, lacrosse, and a dash of Hollywood, is just two weeks from tomorrow. We've shown you some of the flyers they've come out with (Chapman, Akon, etc.). Below is the latest one featuring Kyle Harrison and the 20 reasons the guys at LXM came up with to skip the event.

It also got us thinking... With Akon performing at a lacrosse event, who would perform if baseball had a similar event? Barbra Streisand, maybe?


1. You want Rollerblading to take over Lacrosse's spot as the fastest growing sport in the country.
2. Mikey Powell (4x All-American, 4x Attackman of Year, 2x Player of Year, Syracuse's All-Time Leader in Points) will come out of retirement & play in CA some other time.
3. You don't want the West Coast to be known as a national lacrosse powerhouse.
4. $25 is too much for an STX Clinic, a college rivalry game, the return of pro lacrosse and a concert from one of the top artists in the world.
5. Your lacrosse team has never lost a game and you won't learn from watching others play.
6. USC football has a bye that day and coach Carroll asked you help him scout UCLA.
7. You've already been to one awesome blowout-concert + pro-lacrosse event, this month.
8. Akon is too big for lacrosse - the only artist to have the #1 and #2 spots simultaneously in the Billboard Top 100...twice!
9. There's way too much buzz surrounding the event!
10. You have nothing to learn from clinics by Kyle Harrison, Joe Walters and the rest of Team STX.
11. You need to set your fantasy football lineup.
12. Your coach doesn't want you to get better in the off-season.
13. You're satisfied just listening to Akon on your iPod.
14. Joe Walters (Maryland's All-Time Leading Scorer) has already given you a shooting clinic.
15. You won't learn anything from watching great lacrosse players compete at the highest level...in person.
16. You have no desire to be in an upcoming sports-film by Sports Studio, the people who brought you Miracle, Invincible, Friday Night Lights, and Remember the Titans.
17. The four goalies playing at LXM don't excite you (all former NCAA Goalie of the Year).
18. Your lacrosse club doesn't need the support of a fundraiser (groups@lxmpro.com).
19. Your kids think you're too old for a concert that doesn't start with Jimmy and end with Buffett.
20. ...Because you don't want to Buy Tickets Here!

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Love it! Hope to see you guys out there


u forgot the number one reason.. being across the country for school…. sickkk… FML!


I live in NJ….This sucks


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