2 Huge Knockout Lacrosse Hits

2 Huge Knockout Lacrosse Hits

Let the bodies hit the floor. Here's the most bone-crushing lacrosse video you'll see all day. It's an indoor game that appears to be up North in Canuckland. It also appears to be an older guy playing much younger kids. Indoor lacrosse encourages hitting and fighting just like every NHL team has an agressor. The hits are hard but are aimed at the opponent's throat. Don't respect the hits, but we respect the hustle.

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i’ve played with the kid dealing the hits and he’s a class act, good lacrosse player too. the hits are both clean.. if you don’t like contact don’t play the sport.


Both clean hits, great timing, kid had the ball.

Chris Fox

First hit looks legit, slightly high but I wouldn’t call it.  Second hit is a cheap shot though.  Lined him up from over 20 yards away and hits him clearly in the face.  Who even knows if that guy can even play lacrosse.  Judging by his two play highlight reel this guy just seems like a thug


i play up in B.C. Canada and these two hits would of gotten the kid who delt them a pat on the back and the kid who got hit a pat on the back. Box lacrosse is not for the faint of heart. Come up to B.C. and watch a WLA game. Some of the best indoor lacrosse out there bar non. Big hits, amazing goals, good tilts and some amazing goaltending. hits are part of the game. If you don’t like it go play baseball

fed up

i made this video and if u liked it u should give thx to 9duey9 on youtube cuz these r his hits


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