An Extra Man Offense YouTube Gold Mine

An Extra Man Offense YouTube Gold Mine

You may have noticed our Twitter sharing a few more EMO clips.

While we will continue to do so, we wanted to call your attention to the source of these clips.

Aquinas College assistant coach Peter Treppa has been hard at work on his YouTube channel since 2014.

He has posted everything from Michigan high school full games to NLL power plays. There is an absolute treasure of trove of man up clips to dive into ahead of your spring season.

A few favorites:

First of all, seeing other teams play in The Dome is always weird and cool. Then, we have 6'4" Henry Riehl throwing a feed inside to Jake Schneider when probably the entire defense thought he was going to shoot. The RIT short stick responsible for the crease definitely expected the big lefty to let it fly.

Quick shout to Middlebury legend Holt Hopkins. The 2001 grad was one of our first favorite D3 players.

Who knows what is scripted here and what is just playing. Matt Brown probably does though. They go from a 1-3-2 to a 2-2-2 back to a 1-3-2 then a 4 man high wheel but the wheel is triggered by a back pedal instead of the traditional forward carry. Two Pios never leave the pipes but UNC still can't knock down a skip pass.

When this clip starts, ESPN shows a graphic with Syracuse's man up percentage. It was surprising that is group was only at 35.7% but then they immediately threw a bad pass and turned the ball over. Thanks to a strong ride they earn the ball back and eventually score on their second action. A cut to the crease draws two Navy defenders which opens up a skip lane for the step down strike.

What's your approach to extra man offense? Do you have bushel of one hitters or deploy a few motion looks?

Subscribe to Coach Treppa's channel here.

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