Week 10 Betting Review, Week 11 Picks

Week 10 Betting Review, Week 11 Picks

Editor’s Note: Guest post by Hayden King

Week 10 Recap

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re back to our winning ways! 13-3 on 16 picks for Week 10 and I’m feeling damn good about the end of the season. Teams are starting to beat who they should, and the upsets we saw early in the season have started to slow down. Total is now at 128-60 (~68%).

Two of my losses were me picking on vibes. After how Loyola started the season (including a huge over #1 ranked Maryland at the time) I assumed they couldn’t keep on this freefall. Well, I was wrong.

Boston has a good team, so don’t knock them. However, Loyola struggled on Saturday and dropped a 7 point loss. I’m out on the Greyhounds beating any teams in the Top 20.


I also took Harvard over Penn because of their win over Cornell the week prior. This is another streaky unit I’ll need to be careful of. They got hammered by Penn 15-9 and barely hit the Under. I said it when Ivy League play started, but the league is cannibalistic and anyone can win on any given weekend.

Talking about cannibalistic, I also took Brown over Yale after they beat Penn the week prior. Yale played a big game and won by 6 on Saturday. The Ivy League tournament is shaking up to be a doozy. 


Wins for the week include: Cornell, Lehigh, Princeton, Duke, St. Josephs, Johns Hopkins, Delaware, Georgetown, Navy, Syracuse, Richmond, Penn State, and Maryland.

Week 10 Games of the Week

Sticking with the parlay model for games of the week, last week saw a loss due to Brown losing to Yale. However, I went 2-1 on these picks and I think we have a great parlay ready for Week 11.

I’ve already talked about Brown, but I disrespected Yale’s offense and I’ll own that. I said their offense wasn’t even in the same stratosphere as Princeton’s. They scored 16 on Brown on Saturday, which is exactly how many Princeton hung on Brown on April 1st. Won’t disrespect them again.


For my second ML pick, I also guess Syracuse would beat UNC this time around. They lost earlier in the year, but I pointed to the youth of Cuse’s roster as a huge reason for that. They’ve been improving consistently since then, and pulled out the win Saturday.

It ended up being a one goal game, but the Orange showed up and secured the win. And about that youth: Joey Spallina just broke Mikey Powell’s Freshmen goal record in Week 10. This team is on the precipice of something special.


I also ended up taking my first under of the season as I selected Penn @ Harvard Under 24.5 goals. I’ve already talked about this game so I won’t dive too deep, but Byrne’s defense held up and secured the under at exactly 24 goals. Close one, but we may have to be looking at more Harvard under’s going forward!


Games of the Week: Week 11

Going for the parlay again this week, follow along at home!

First up, I’m taking Michigan ML over Ohio State. It’s currently set at -135 which I think is great odds considering the two teams seasons thus far. Michigan is a better team than Ohio State, and I don’t think it’s particularly close.

They have one of the best faceoff men in the country which allows them to control possession. Add in Josh Zawada and this team is poised to destroy Ohio State come Friday.

Next up, I’m taking UMass ML over Saint Josephs. I’ve watched both of these teams play a lot this year, and I think UMass can show up and pull the win on Saturday. They have a great offensive unit and I think their defense/goalie situation is more consistent than Saint Joseph’s has been.

The line is currently set at +190 which is a huge reason why I like this pick. I think this game is a toss up, but getting underdog odds for a team I think can win is a blessing in disguise.

Finally, I’m taking Hopkins +2 spread with Maryland. This pick is pretty simple: I think Hopkins will beat Maryland. However, going with the spread pick allows us some wiggle room in case it’s a close game.

The odds for that pick are set at -115. Total odds for the 3 pick parlay are currently set at +843. $10 to win $94.37. Good luck to all!

Week 11 Picks

  1. Penn State vs. Rutgers (Friday)--Penn State (Toss Up Game)

  2. Lafayette vs. Bucknell (Friday)--Bucknell

  3. Michigan vs. Ohio State (Friday)--Michigan

  4. Denver vs. Providence (Friday)--DU

  5. Jacksonville vs. Air Force (Saturday)--Jacksonville

  6. Loyola vs. Colgate (Saturday)--Loyola

  7. Brown vs. Cornell (Saturday)--Cornell

  8. Hobart vs. Richmond (Saturday)--Richmond

  9. Boston vs. Lehigh (Saturday)--Boston

  10. Villanova vs. Marquette (Saturday)--Villanova

  11. Notre Dame vs. UNC (Saturday)--ND

  12. Penn vs. Dartmouth (Saturday)--Penn

  13. Princeton vs. Harvard (Saturday)--Princeton

  14. Virginia vs. Syracuse (Saturday)--Virginia

  15. Saint Joseph's vs. UMass (Saturday)--UMass

  16. Maryland vs. Johns Hopkins (Saturday)--Hopkins

  17. Navy vs. Army (Saturday)--Army

  18. Utah vs. Cleveland State (Saturday)--Utah

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