The Podcast is Live

The Podcast is Live

We are pleased to introduce The Lacrosse Playground Podcast presented by Epoch Lacrosse and powered by Top 66.

We'll be packaging up episodes with high school and college coaches to discuss philosophy as well as recap recent happenings in their season.

If you're interested in learning about the specific programs, some of these episodes are for you.

If you're a fan of the game or love learning about coaching, you're going to listen to every episodes more than once.

Two episodes will drop every week.

Episode 1 - Brian Brecht & Bryan Kelly

Rutgers head coach Brian Brecht kicks off our new show by breaking down how they've navigated the transfer portal, what they look for on the road at recruiting events, and breaks down their Friday night game against Princeton.

Then, Calvert Hall head coach Bryan Kelly shares what a typical Calvert Hall practice is like, the challenges of coaching 5 star recruits, and their top 10 game against St. John's.

Episode 2 - Robyn Rooney & Emily Boissonneault

Robyn Rooney's Wantagh team ended the season with a loss and were ranked 10th in the country. Did she consider it a successful season? How does manage a roster with athletes heading to North Carolina, Northwestern, and Virginia? And, what are the recruiting expectations for the typical Long Island lacrosse player?

Then, Pitt head coach Emily Boissonneault breaks down the process of building a program from the ground up in the best lacrosse conference in the country. Can you believe that they spent five days practicing their pregame routine? The Panthers took Duke to the wire in Durham so we're very high on every decision Coach has made for the fledgling ACC outfit.

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