Podcast: Albany Firewolves Head Coach and General Manager Glenn Clark

Podcast: Albany Firewolves Head Coach and General Manager Glenn Clark

The Albany Firewolves are coming off a disappointing injury plagued 2022-2023 season. The silver lining is they have the #1 pick in the NLL Draft.

We spoke with head coach and general manager Glenn Clark about season, the off season, and looking ahead to next year.

LPG: Coach, what does winning the offseason look like for the Albany Firewolves?

GC: It's different things at different times. A bit of this year will be getting all our players signed that we want to get signed.

Getting our guys back that were injured and monitoring the different surgeries that we've had in the offseason, because we lost a lot of guys throughout the course of last year.

So monitoring their health, making sure some of the impact guys that were missing last year are ready to go for this year.

And, hopefully being able to sign a couple of free agents. We sort of shifted last year around this time because we haven't had a real good track record with free agents, especially in Albany.

Either acquiring them or keeping our own.

Signing, certainly our free agents and hopefully bringing in some new pieces would be a success as well.

Now, Bill Parcells, famously said, if they want you to cook the dinner, at least they ought to let you shop for some of the groceries.

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