Wolf Athletics Ghost Shaft and LED Lax Kit Review

The guys over at Wolf Athletics challenged me to try their Ghost shaft along with the LED Lax kit that goes with it. I put these to the test and found them to be pretty cool and innovative.


The Shaft

The Wolf Athletics Ghost shaft is made of a polycarbonate material that is used for bullet proof glad and riot shields.  Because of this material it gives the shaft an insane amount of flex, making the shaft bend way more than the most flexible carbon shafts possibly could. This flex is the main selling point of the number one thing that differentiates it from every other shaft on the market.  The amount of whip that your stick has will increase a ton on this shaft, no matter the head or the pocket.  I noticed I had a definite increased shot speed when shooting with the Ghost shaft, but my accuracy suffered big time at first due to the learning curve with how flexible it is. It will take a ton of practice with the shaft to be able to adjust your shots to accurately pin point where the release is going to be on a full speed shot.

The Ghost shaft has a very concave feel, with "sharp edges".  This gives you a very good grip on the shaft, both with and without gloves on.


A huge thing about the Ghost shaft is the durability.  Because of the polycarbonate material that the shaft is made out of, it is chemically designed to never shatter. Here's a video of them trying to break one. This, along with the extreme flex makes these shafts almost impossible to break and to stand behind that, Wolf Athletics gives players an absolute industry best five year warranty on these shafts, which is unlike any other warranty on the market.

What's really cool about the look of the shaft is that they are all clear, unlike any other shaft on the market.  The Ghost is available in a few transparent colors including completely clear, a yellow-green (which is what Wolf Athletics sent me to review and looks pretty sick), blue and orange.

IMG_9734The LED Lax Kit

Along with the Ghost shaft, Wolf Athletics also sent me their new LED Lax kit that goes along with it, which is awesome.  It includes a special butt end for the Ghost with lights in it as well as a light up ball.  The butt end has a screw off top which has a button in it to turn the lights on, which illuminate the entire shaft.  The butt end uses regular cell batteries, which are easy to replace and Wolf Athletics says they should last for about 48 hours of use, with the LEDs turned on.  Holding a button on the ball for a few seconds turns the light on the ball on.

The Ghost Light Kit
(Note: My buddies now call my house 'The Falcone Zone.' )

The lights on the shaft look pretty cool in the dark and I could see this kit being a lot of fun to play with friends with at night if you have a few of them.


What I think is the really awesome part of this kit though, is the light up ball. You can use the ball with or without the light up shaft.  This allows you to be able to shoot around at night and makes it extremely easy to find the ball, since you won't have to search around looking for it.  The really sweet thing I've been using it for is to play wall ball at night. You don't even have to see the wall or your stick, since you see the ball flying through the air, no matter how dark it is out. This helps you train even longer, at any time you want.


Overall, the Ghost shaft and the LED Lax kit from Wolf Athletics, are really cool, innovative products.  They bring something completely new to the market, which is what we need in our all-to-often-copycat industry. Although these products may not be for every type of player, they are a lot of fun and I recommend that everyone give them a try.  The only way that you can really see how cool these products are is to try them out yourself.

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