We're All A Little Different, After All.

Good afternoon laxers and lax lovers.  I hope to see a bunch of you at the convention this year to get the up and up on coaching, reffing, gear, and anything lax related!

I came up with the idea for this post after stringing a Proton Power for the Rose School of Stringing workshop presentation.  For you versed stringers or those just learning, you may find that some heads are more "challenging" than others, meaning: you can't get the pocket right for your playing style.  One head that I've found particular troublesome for my playing style is the Proton Power.  The pocket has either too little hold/too little whip, or, the exact opposite, too much hold/too much whip.  I think the Proton Power is an amazing head, which is why I keep going back to it and attempt to string a bag I dig.

Alas, you may find yourself in a similar situation.  You have a few options, but all will involve a sacrifice.  I decided to move on to another head at the time (during college), but have recently come back and tried again (see pics).  A part of making the decision to move on was sacrificing my use of a great head, but, as I say, it doesn't matter what head you play with if you can't play with it.  Moral of the story: you will always have to make decisions, weigh your options, and make the best one for your game.

Rose School of Stringing will be giving away this Proton Power (along with other prizes {mesh, etc.}) once we get 1000 Facebook fans!




In the lacrosse community, Greg has a long standing reputation as a stick doctor, knowing exactly how to mend a broken bag. From MLL Players (Jesse Hubbard, Pete Vlahakis, Justin Smith) to post-collegiate club laxers to U11 allstars, his stringing serves all levels of play. His workshop, Rose School of Stringing, aims to show the importance of knowing about your pocket and providing a fun, inspirational environment to learn and grow as a lacrosse player and as a human being. In the outside world, Greg attended high school at Shawnee (same as Navy AA Graham Gill, face-off specialist Mike Burns from UNC, and big boy middie Chris LaPierre at UVA) and graduated from the University of Mary Washington, which was Mary Washington College at the time.
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