Kingdom Lacrosse's New Line

Kingdom Lacrosse is a hot new lacrosse apparel company out of Rochester. The guys behind the line are very passionate about the sport because it has given them so many opportunities. And it clearly evident in this post. It first began as a conversation between two friends and teammates. David Kemp and Bobby DeFreze are born and raised in the Rochester community, and more specifically the Rochester Lacrosse community, and know how deep those roots go. The mission of Kingdom Lacrosse is to provide highly unique and high quality apparel to fellow lax rats everywhere.

"We want to make clothes that laxers will wear not only to practice and lax functions, but in any setting they like. We also plan on making our line on Made in the USA, American Apparel brand clothing. We believe that staying humble and rooted to the community and the game that has given us so much while working hard on our products and business and consumer relationships is a formula for success. We are working hard on locking down a production deal within the coming months, and would like to launch our line officially in Spring 2010."

The launch of the line will be accompanied by the launch of a website ( where customers can browse and shop from anywhere. The adopted company motto "Strength in Battle, Honor in Victory" is an appeal to the camaraderie, intensity, and glory found within the sport they love. The sense of loyalty to your team is often associated with going to battle to defend your team's honor. To prove yourself. Kingdom Lacrosse hopes to find the path to success by working as hard as the people who play the game.

Both Dave and Bobby are still playing competitive lacrosse for the Senior-B CanAm League's Rochester Greywolves, and the Upstate Bears club box team. It is comprised of talent from across the CanAm ranks. Although these are both box lacrosse teams, they have a passion for every level and style of the sport. They stated that when they design they think as both a player and as a fan. The future holds plans on expanding to women's and children's sizes shortly after the initial launch.

"Through the support and help of friends and family and other members of the lax brotherhood, we have generated more buzz than we could've imagined in the past month. We hope to establish ourselves as a company with great products and a great reputation. Thank you to everyone for the support!"

These are only a few of the items. Check back later on for more releases. In the meantime you can check out Kingdom here.
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