Warrior's Matt Danowski Gives BroBible the 411 on Chicks and Pro Lax

Matt Danowski, recently named spokesperson for Upper Deck, sits down with Brobible to discuss his picks for the Final Four, chicks, professional lacrosse, etc...

Danowski mentions some of the differences between playing lacrosse at the college level and playing lacrosse in the pros. He touched on everything from practice time to team chemistry to the ladies in the crowd, even offering up some fixes for the MLL (hint: it starts with the lines on the field).

The MLL set out to make more of a free-flowing, up-and-down game, but playing with rules more similar to college would make the game more easily relatable to the fans. Kids go to watch, and they wonder what that line is on the field, and where are the lines they use? It’s the only pro sport that the field is different between college and pro.

Read the interview in its entirety at Brobible.
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