Warrior VoidLyte Goalie Head

With the release of the VoidLyte goalie head, Warrior has created the lightest goalie head on the market. Warrior has applied the Noz molding process to the goalie head to make it more beneficial for a goalie that relies on reaction time. It’s simple—the lighter your stick is the faster you’ll move the head to the ball on shots.

Warrior’s offset design allows for better ball control and a more consistent release point on outlet passes. Now you can really throw passes on a tight rope.

Weighing in at 9.3 oz the VoidLyte is the lightest goalie head ever made. One of the main reasons behind the light weight is Warrior’s patented GAS ASSIST NOZ Molding process. Pretty cool if you think about it because goalies are usually the last position companies think of in terms of innovation.

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