Warrior Vice X Neon Colored Lacrosse Head

These neon colored heads are representative of the 80s pop culture and style. I should know, I was born in '85! That's 5 solid years of observing, living and kicking butt in the 80s.

The Vice X head introduces a mid pinch to the sidewall that pinches the pocket and channels the ball through the center of the pocket on your release. By channeling the ball through the center you gain accuracy and power on your shots and passes.

The shorter throat design allows your hands to be as close to your head as possible and gives you more control when you are cradling. The head is legal for all play.

The colorways range from neon blue, orange, yellow and pink.

The head is uber popular and is on backorder in numerous stores. Sportstop being one of them. You can also pre-order now at Laxworld.
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