Warrior TII Helmet for Salt Shakerz Lacrosse

Another team heading down to Miami for the Bump n Grind is the Salt Shakerz Lacrosse Club. A FEW of the Shakerz will sporting the Warrior TII Helmet. They chose to go with their staple color, Pink, and checkerboard decals. Keep an eye out for these helmets on the top teams in the NCAA this season.

Some of the features in the Warrior TII include:

Fit System - adjustable internal pads, 3 sizes.

Lightweight, moisture wicking EVA-padded liner.

Large air vents for superior air-flow.

Lightweight chrome facemask with outstanding sight lines.

Facemask features a 5 point attachment with 3 points dedicated to quick removal if needed.

One-piece shell/visor.

Super Lightweight - under 2.1 lbs.

Home Grown - manufactured and assembled in North America.

Available at SportStop.com.

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