Warrior Sports Continues to Promote Drug Culture?

Warrior Sports Continues to Promote Drug Culture?

Warrior Sports Continues to Promote Drug Culture?

A little over an hour ago, the Warrior Sports Instagram account uploaded a picture (above). Warrior Sports has a lengthy history of glamorizing and suggesting drug use, racy innuendo, and cultural bygones. At first glance, I instantly believed the powder, married with the word "uncut," to be cocaine. The powder bottle is supposed to resemble a Gold Bond Body Powder bottle, but I don't think it's the advert's saving grace.

"Uncut," in reference to cocaine, is generally cocaine that isn't mixed with an additional substance and is considered close to pure cocaine. Of course, the ad could just be in reference to getting a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on at Warrior.

Our opinion? We're not going to disparage Warrior Sports. We're not guilty of ads of this nature, but we have definitely posted suggestive things in the past. Warrior is good at what it does - marketing to the masses in eye-catching adverts, promotions, and so forth. The once lacrosse-centric organization is now a multi-sport group who does a great deal to remain appealing.

However, if you're a parent, then you might have a different notion. People have already expressed opinions in earlier posts (Glory Hole Cleats) on our site about the organization:

The team at Warrior should be embarrassed that their marketing team has sunk to such low levels over the past 2 years. The Warrior team is in such a unique position to not only educate the younger players who they are advertising too but also ask their viewers to rise up and be better... Warrior, shame on you.


Way to go Warrior. Congratulations, you've perpetuated the douchebag stereotype once again. I'm definitely going to re-evaluate my deciding factors when it's time to upgrade my hockey and lacrosse gloves and sticks this summer. You are not a company I want to represent.

What are your thoughts about the current picture? What was the picture's first impression? Would it be acceptable if Nike or Under Armour did this? Leave a comment.
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