Warrior Burn Shoulder Pads Review

Warrior Burn Shoulder Pads Review

These Warrior Burn Shoulder Pads are the continuation of the Hitman line and one that was thoroughly unexpected in the direction Warrior has taken. They’re all white and largely changed cut. I have had the Hitman 2.0’s for over 10 years and never needed a different shoulder pad or found one that made me want to change, these may be the pad we’ll see.

Mobility- 10 out of 10*. These get an asterisk because like most college players I am going to modify/reduce the size of these a little here in a bit but even with the shoulder cap the lowest I’d say here is 9 out of 10. I can go through my full motion with no hindrance. The chest and collars were brought in significantly this year from every other year these pads have been made. By making the chest more narrow I found I could bring my arms across my chest easier and not feel the pad sliding. The shoulder’s were also more narrow and at first felt like they would ride up on my neck but they didn’t through play. While they brought the shoulders in they also made the physical collar bone padding a little wider in order to provide full protection even through slashes. The protection here is just as good as my old more spread out Hitman 2.0’s.

Comfort- 10 out of 10. Hands down like I said the Hitman Shoulder Pads have always been my favorite and still are with the new Burn update. The lining is the same quality that is found throughout the Burn line so they are barely noticeable when on. The reduced chest size mentioned in the Mobility section made these even more comfortable bringing the straps in off of your sides and the sides of pads away from the edge of your chest reducing any form of rubbing.

Protection- 10 out of 10. I’ve never found a reason to spend 150 dollars on shoulder pads when 90% of them I have tried did not match my current shoulder pads in protection. The Burn shoulder pads provide top of the line protection for middle of the road price. I took some heavy slashes over the shoulder and an across the chest in these to test them and though you can feel the chest a bit it doesn’t hurt and the collar bone really provided no pain at all. These could be worn for any position I feel because I where them for pole during field and now playing crease in my indoor league. For 100 dollars you can’t find a better shoulder pad in my book.

Appearance- 7 out of 10. I don’t like white pads because they turn yellow quickly. These may not do that but I’m not sure overall the pads look nice but white pads are normally a big turn off for me never been a fan of all white pads.

Overall these get a 9.25 out of 10. I am putting down my 10 year old shoulder pads and picking up my Burns it’s time for a change and Warrior has really outdone themselves with these. They will be a regular standard more than likely for the next 10 years for me since I am sure they will hold up just like my 2.0’s have.

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