Warrior Breakr 2 Released

We wanted to let you know that Warrior has released the new Breakr 2 shoe in some baller colors. It’s a fantastic shoe that comes in sizes all the way up to 15.

Breakr 2


An elite training shoe designed especially for lacrosse players, the Breakr is lightweight and made for speed and agility. It features first-class traction for lateral movements and quick stops, just what the Warrior needs to train for his best possible game.


Adding stability and durability to the upper of the cross-trainer, the Zebra Skin synthetic Sideburn Saddle begins at the laces and extends to the heel.

The state-of-the-art synthetic and mesh upper features lightweight Climax Control mesh for serious ventilation and lightweight durability. Accents of scuff-resistant Tough-Tip Tek, a tough synthetic toe guard and high-quality Zebra Skin trick out the upper without weighing it down.

The interior V-Tek lining features Warrior's exclusive moisture management system, keeping your feet dry and comfortable while wicking away excess moisture.

Hidden on the linings of the tongue and heel, the plush material of The Smooth Groove makes shoes extra-soft inside, without compromising any exterior toughness.

Lightweight and extra-durable, the Cushion-Pushin' EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) midsole rewards and supports your feet with the ultimate cushioning system, keeping feet cozy while offering unmatched resilience.

Breathable Slits, mini vents along the side of the shoe, act as a moisture management system, increasing airflow.

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