Wand Magic "Ninja" T-Shirt *EXCLUSIVE*

Wand Magic has just unveiled their limited-edition Ninja T-Shirt, their "piece d'resistance". Check out the details below:

• Limited quantity of 50
• $25 each
• Slim fitting 100% cotton
• Each shirt is hand numbered and signed
• The Ninja Design will never be made again, This is the last chance you have to order the wand magic ninja
• Sale will end on Sunday, December 12th
• The inside text on the shirt reads "Lax Brah"
• 1 shirt will have a foil label on it and that person will receive 1 custom shirt a month for 1 whole year from Wand Magic.

We are launching a "quickfire" contest on facebook later today. The winner will be announced on Monday and will receive a Wand Magic Ninja T-Shirt. Who knows, it may even be the special foil label shirt, in which case you will have made out like a bandit.

If you can't wait for the contest or you just HAVE to have this shirt, mosey on over to Wand Magic and place a pre-order.

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