Vote For the Next Warrior National Evolution 3 Head

Last week Warrior announced the manufacturing of custom National themed Evolution 3 heads. The heads will be available in both X and HS specs, for a limited time only, in four country colorways: USA, Ireland, Argentina and Italy. That is what makes this head so great – Warrior has a lot of versatility in terms of color scheme on the new Evolution 3. They can customize the inserts and throat jewel to any color they choose.

As soon as we posted the piece we received a number of questions and comments. The majority essentially asked, "Why not my country?" Well, we want to make sure you have a chance to let your voice be heard by none other than Warrior. If your country isn't already represented in the image above then this is your chance to have your country's national colors customized into a limited edition Evolution 3.

Warrior will launch 1 more head based on the results of this Lacrosse Playground poll. Polling ends Friday 6/24/11 - so get your vote in this week!!

Countries In Consideration:






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