USA Dye Job x Cyber Pro X6

In this dye job I chose to use a Cyber Pro X6 and began individually cutting out all 50 stars and the USA as well as all 13 individual stripes. I then used precut letters and numbers to do the 23 man roster of team USA and the top "2010 FIL World Champions". I then began the dye process. I dyed the top half first and then the bottom doing a small, but noticeable faded portion between both colors. After I achieved the desired color I began peeling off the graphics to get the finished product.

Below is a gallery of the dyeing process

Stay tuned for what I dye next time. I am currently working on a batch of five for a buddy of mine for a lax company he is working for up in Jersey. I started them Monday and could have them done by the end of the weekend, efficient to say the least. I plan on also doing a USA/Hopkins batch for some of the Hopkins guys. See you next time.
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