University of North Texas Uniforms

Flattery is key to any Babe's heart, after receiving a very flattering email from University of North Texas in Denton,TX I couldn't help but write an article on their team, plus the fact that they have sick jerseys doesn’t hurt. They are currently in their 14th season, and have made it to their conference playoffs for seven straight years.

“When I got here the team had a ton of talent, but no direction. There was very little organization, and really no identity. Since then I have tried to keep the team driven towards the goal of becoming a "virtual varsity" program. To get us on the right path, I have pushed to make us very similar to a fraternity. I have always viewed my lacrosse teams as fraternities, but with the extra benefit of getting to compete together all over the country. Not only are we participating in the fun extracurricular fraternity events like sorority mixers and philanthropies, we are taking the fraternity route in regards to organization, funding, and, most importantly, recruiting methods of a fraternity.” The coach states.
When asked about the design the coach responded with, “To get someone to stop and say "Wow!" Look at the University of Oregon Football Team. They are nationally known for one main reason: their crazy/wild/different (whatever adjective you want to use) uniforms.”

The team is playing with STX Assaults and Cascade Pro7 helmet. Jerseys designed by Pro Athletics. Click a photo to begin slide show...

Thanks to coach Cosey Carlisle and the UNT lacrosse team, have a great remaining season bros!

If you know a team with sick jerseys send pictures to or if tweeting is more your style, twitpic them to @alfral.

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