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Hope you all liked my article on Arch Level Lacrosse, the lacrosse company out of England. Vincent Grimes, the head of ALL, also happens to be co-founder of Colchester Lacrosse Club and coach of the University of Cambridge Lacrosse Club. As the season approaches, they're getting some sweet gear and are letting us post it up! So let's see what we're about to see out of Mother England:

First Up: Cambridge University Unis

One of the oldest universities in the world (Established in 1209!) Cambridge also boasts a prestigious lacrosse club, established in 1882. Their gear, as you can see, is very reminiscent of polo or rugby kits, and represent the University in Cambridge Blue, the official color of Cambridge.

Next: Colchester Lacrosse Club Kits

Here's the gear of the Colchester Lacrosse Club, the first club to mix players from University of Essex and Colchester. The classic and clean black, gray and white make for a pretty traditional and austere jersey style. Any team wearing these kits onto the field should be feared.

Lastly: Arch Level Lacrosse Gear

And finally, the awaited Arch Level Lacrosse swag. Love me a full-zip, and this one looks both warm and intimidating. I love the colors and designs of a lot of the gear coming out now, but Arch Level is taking it back to a classic look with a muted palette. I think their message, "Obssess. Progress." says it all, and these "jumpers", as they say, look functional and wearable in the chilly UK. Check below for a better look at the Statement Hoody. Doesn't the motto make you want to just run out there and get your wall-ball on?

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