Under Armour Highlights Cleats Review

Under Armour Highlights Cleats Review

Most cleats that I have had in the past have been pretty uncomfortable for me and I never found a pair that I really liked, just some that felt decent.  After hearing so many good things about the Highlights cleats made by Under Armour, that lots of high level lacrosse players and NFL football players were using, I had to give them a shot.  The Highlights are some of the coolest looking cleats I've seen and are available in a ton of different colors and styles.


When I put the Highlights on the first time, they felt a bit small and tight as well as pretty stiff on the sole and the outer portion of the shoe.  After a few practices and giving the cleats some proper break-in time, these issues when away and the cleats became very comfortable.  These are definitely the most comfortable cleat I have ever used.  I wore them for a good amount of games and practices (playing box depending on the surface I play on, I can sometimes use sneakers instead) and an all day field tournament and had no issues with comfort.


The Highlights have the highest ankle portion of any cleat that I have every tried. I really like this as it gives me a ton of ankle support for when I'm cutting through tight areas on the field, although some players may not like them this high.  There's no need to tape up your ankles with these cleats.  The Clutchfit technology that Under Armour uses on the upper portion of the shoe conforms to the shape of your foot and is nice and soft and moves with your foot instead of constricting it.  It still is still enough to give your all the ankle protection you need.


The inside sole has a very soft sock liner that is quite comfortable.  Under Armour's 4D footbed, is made of several types of foam which combine to give a soft, comfortable feel that gives a bit more cushioning and "bounce".


The cleats portion of the shoe gives a ton of traction on all surface.  I've worn them on several different types of turf as well as grass (both lush and dead) and on dirt, and didn't have any problems with slipping.  I also didn't have any issues with motion because of the cleat.

One small issue I had was that the laces on the Highlights seem to be a bit short so its a little harder to lace them tightly, but this definitely isn't a big deal, as I was able to use them without much issue.


Overall,  I really liked the Highlights cleats.  I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a comfortable pair of cleats with a good amount of ankle support.  When I play on surfaces that I can't wear sneakers on without slipping (my usual go-to's are the Under Armour Clutchfit Drive), the Highlights cleats are my go-to's.
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