Under Armour Command Pro Gloves Review

Under Armour Command Pro Gloves Review

I’m going to get this part of the review out of the way first. Under Armour has gone above and beyond my expectations and the Command Pro gloves are the most comfortable gloves I have ever owned. They are so great, that I bought two more pairs to last me the rest of my playing career.

Cool, now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about why. The reason why is strictly down to how well they are made and how quickly the glove conforms to every little crease on your hands. I think it took all of two practices for my gloves to break in completely. After that, I felt like there was nothing in between my hands and the stick. The palm material is that comfortable and it doesn’t restrict any movement or feel of the stick even when you just start practice and the palms aren’t soaked in sweat yet, they feel great right away. The breathability is great too. Under Armour’s Heat Gear technology is absolutely the reason why I keep picking Under Armour to protect my body on the field because the breathability is unparalleled to any other brand. My fingers aren’t going numb in the winter and my hands aren’t dripping from sweat in the summer.


The next thing I look for in a glove is fingertip protection. Yes, fingertip protection. It has happened to everyone, you’re clearing the ball and an overzealous attackman gets way to hack happy and nails you right on the tip of the thumb or you’re going for that big rip and on the follow through of your shot, the tip of your middle finger connects with a defenders sick. I hate when I have these huge bruises under my fingernails, they’re a nuisance in college life and they annoy me on the field. With these gloves, the tips of my fingers have been so well protected. I’ve been using these gloves for four weeks now and have noticed how well my fingers have been protected after going through many stick checks to my hands. The thumb protection is the best I have ever had in a glove but still I have complete mobility in my thumb.


The protection overall is very solid. The top part of the hand and the wrist are well protected from checks and mobility in the wrist and fingers is never a problem when the gloves are broken in. Another really great aspect is the durability of these gloves. Most gloves tend to have some fraying strands after a few weeks of use or the palms and fingers fall apart. Mine have yet to do that. There has only been one frayed strand that was easily taken care of and the palms have held up very nicely, though, it should be said that I use almost no tape on my sticks.

Under Armour has really stepped up with their Command line of products. The Command Pro gloves are $120 retail and at that price point you are getting way more than you paid for. Lastly, Under Armour’s customization website is better than any other company on the market, by and far. Give a little nudges to your coach if you want to do a sick glove order. The green and dark grey gloves are from a custom order for my summer club team.

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