Turf Dawgs Launches New Website

Cleats are definitely the most difficult part of the laxer's kit to maintain. They get worn down from the running all over the field, they get dirt, mud and little turf bits stuck in them, the list of grievances continues. But for the laxers in the know, there is a way to protect that investment (especially those of you with the dope Warrior Burn Speed Molded Cleats...but I digress). Turf Dawgs have been around for a while, but they just launched a new website that is as awesome and useful as the product itself.

The site will make you a believer in the Turf Dawg, showing test results and testimonials from athletes about the Dawgs. These gaiters fit over any cleat, and come in different colors and personalizations. They'll keep dirt, water and most importantly turf pellets out of the shoes guaranteed. Still not a believer? Well guess who is? Paul. Rabil.

That's right, Paul Rabil, pro laxer and absolute field monster says about Turf Dawgs, "It’s a pretty cool item actually…They’re covers for your cleats, sort of ankle support, fashionably tended to and they keep all that turf out of your shoe. I’ve dealt with it all the time. When you finish, you take your shoe off and you clear out all that turf, and this keeps it all from coming in your shoe while providing a little fashion for yourself." So check out the site at www.turfdawgusa.com and see what all of the (deserved) fuss is about.

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