Tufts Last Second Wardrobe Change

In late May we gave you the heads up about Tufts USA inspired Cascade Pro7s. We also mentioned that they would be wearing new Baby Blue jerseys. They ended up wearing them, but just not during the game.

Tufts got the Baby Blues as a surprise for the 'ship, but were unable to wear them. Tufts didn't give the Salisbury coach (Berkman) notice at least a week in advance that they would be wearing different uniforms. So, in result, NCAA rules came into play that if Tufts wore the Blue they would have to take a penalty and start man down or they could just wear the Brown as scheduled. Tufts abided by the rules and decided to warm up in these and play in Brown...

Whether they had gone with the Baby Blue or Brown still doesn't change the fact that they are National Champions. Go Jumbos.

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