TRUE COMP SP 2.0 Shaft Review

TRUE COMP SP 2.0 Shaft Review

TRUE Lacrosse (made by True Temper) recently released several shafts, catering to different types of players.  Their COMP SP 2.0 is their entry level composite shaft so I gave it a full test.  TRUE markets this shaft as perfect for beginners starting in the game of lacrosse or players who want to feel how a composite stick performs compared to their regular metal and wood shafts, and I agree these are the perfect players for this stick.  Like all their other carbon fiber shafts, the COMP SP 2.0 features TRUE's SmartPly and SmartFlex technologies, which optimize ply angle, order and thickness for best performance and durability.


The TRUE COMP SP 2.0 is a little bit of a heavier shaft for a composite when compared to other carbon fiber shafts but overall  an average weight, which makes it not bad, weight-wise.  It felt quite comfortable in my hand.  It has a smooth, sand blasted grip which isn't very gritty but feels nice and soft in your hands, with or without gloves. The shape is a rounded octagon. This feels fantastic in your hand and shooting with it feels super smooth, but your hand slips around it a bit since there aren't really any raised edges.


The COMP SP 2.0 is a Flex 7, which is a little bit more flex than a normal carbon shaft (most are usually Flex 5).  As someone who usually likes to have less flex in their shaft, I was surprised that I actually like this extra flex. It felt like it gave me a little bit of an extra snap on my shots without being overly flexible. I think this would help a lot for younger kids who don't have as strong of a shot, as they would still feel a little flex on their shot and increase their shot speed.

For being TRUE's low end carbon shaft offering, I felt that the COMP SP 2.0 actually was quite durable and took a good beating. I used it in two box games, throwing some hard cross checks and getting some decent slashes with it and didn't really have any problems.  It stayed in the same condition as when I first got it beside one scratch on the paint.


The look of the COMP SP 2.0 is quite nice.  Available in just black or white, it just has text on it that says TRUE in large letters on one side in grey and in a little bit smaller letters on the opposite side, with some more information about the shaft.  These look very clean and match great with any head.


At a lower price point compared to other carbon fiber shafts on the market, the COMP SP 2.0 is a pretty good value for a carbon shaft, especially for players who want to try out composite for the first time or for younger players who don't need a top of the line shaft, but want the benefits of using a carbon fiber shaft.
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