Tribe7 Ghost7 Equipment Review

Tribe7 Ghost7 Equipment Review

Long time fan and reader, Brady 'Bradford' Fitzgerald, is sharing an equipment review with the site today. Bradford is reviewing the Ghost7 head by Tribe7 Lacrosse. View his thorough review below.

First impressions:
Bar none this head is the lightest head available period. Strung with Tribe7’s MFL Highball Stringing it weighs in at an astonishing 122 grams. Despite the sidewalls being so thin this head is surprisingly stiff. It is amazing for faceoff guys who like to pinch and pop because of how easy it flexes and goes right back to its original shape.

This head when paired with the right shaft makes for amazing performance; let’s say the new Maverik Wonderboy for example, with this combo it weighs only 11 ounces and with that weight, dodges and maneuvers can be made with ease.

With the MFL highball stringing you have hold without whip. For those who enjoy that, like me it makes for amazing shots. I could tell my shot speed increased at least 5 mph when I started using this head. All because I was able to get the stick around so much faster with it being so light weight. Anyone looking for a cheap head that performs like one of the top heads on the market should look in to the ghost7

Things to be improved on:
There is really is only one thing that could be made better with this head and that would be if Tribe7 would offer a more pinched version like they do for their Optimus7 head.

Last words:
This head is amazing; it is the first Tribe7 head to not use their rounded scoop. I must say the way they are going is up with the changes they made from the Savage7 and Optimus7, to the Ghost7. From its weight at 122 grams, to its durability, and its price ($57 strung with their MFL Highball) this head is definitely something every lacrosse player at every position should look into if they aren’t up to sinking $115 or more on a major brand head at some well-known lacrosse suppliers.

The Tribe7 Ghost7 strung with MFL Highball.

You would think those sidewalls would break but they are surprisingly strong.

Despite the way the pocket looks in this picture it has surprisingly good hold for it has a floating pocket.

You can purchase this head at Tribe7 Lacrosse.
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