Traditional Lacrosse Heads Review

Traditional Lacrosse Heads Review

Traditional Lacrosse, a company best known for their beautiful wooden sticks, also makes two plastic head, the Traditional head and the Nation head.  Both of these heads are very similar and are pretty nice.

Both heads have the same universal space shape with a nice tight pinch to it that flares out about 3/4 of the way up the head. The Traditional head has a sweet sidewall design that looks like the gut wall of traditional woodie. The Nation head is designed to look like the Iroquois Wampum Belt.

They are both pretty flexible although the Traditional head is a bit stiffer since there is obviously more material. The sidewalls are very deep on both heads and they have the same offset and lower rail shape that tends to take a mid low pocket nicely.  The scoop is a bit rounded, making ground balls easy on any surface.

With the design of these heads, I had to string both up with traditional pockets.  For the Traditional head I strung it up with a symmetrical X center pocket using Laxroom oil treated leathers, Laxroom Platinum crosslace on the outer tracks and Jimalax crosslace in the center track. I strung the Nation head with a 7 diamond classic trad using Dub Leathers and Jimalax kevlar crosslace.  These strung up great. The top string holes on these heads is different than any other I've seen and work very nicely. They have small notches in them, which are the perfect size to hold leathers in place or to secure a top string with mesh.  There aren't a ton of sidewall holes, but definitely enough to be able to form a good pocket with either mesh or traditional.

Although both of my Traditional Lacrosse heads have held up pretty well, I have heard some complaints about durability issues with the Traditional head.

Overall, I like both of the Traditional Lacrosse heads. They look awesome and were both a lot of fun to string up.  The Traditional Lacrosse heads come in at a cheap price and come with a wood shaft making these heads a great deal.  I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a nice stick at a good value.

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