Towson Tigers Get the ZimaGear Treatment

Towson Tigers Get the ZimaGear Treatment

One of the most important pieces of equipment in the sport of men's lacrosse other than a stick is the helmet a player wears.

While the primary function of the helmet is to protect a player from being hurt by a ball or stick hitting him in the head, it also serves as one of the most visible items for identifying the team.

Over the last several years, the Tigers have alternated between wearing a black helmet and a gold helmet with a Tiger head logo on the sides.

However, this season, the Tigers will put those aside for a white custom-made Cascade Pro 7 helmet that features a series of unique graphics.

While the Tiger head remains a part of the graphics package for the new helmet, it is larger and serves as a wrap around the helmet, covering a majority of the helmet. There are also black accents along the top of the helmet near the ventilation holes.

On the back side of the helmet, each player's number is displayed with a decal that features Tiger stripes within the number. The facemask features a chrome color and allows for good visibility by the players.

The helmet was revealed when the Tigers held their inaugural Face-Off Night at the Baltimore Sheraton North on February 4 and made its game debut last Saturday in the Tigers' 12-10 win over Jacksonville.

A photo gallery of the Tigers' new helmet is available below.

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