TopChed Lacrosse Unveils New Shirt and Team Threads

TopChed has officially come out with a new shirt. It is a black t-shirt that features the “GOTTA HAVE IT” phrase on the front, which is made up with “SWAG" insignia. The back features their logo on the shoulder and on the bottom of the shirt in smooth cursive in crispy blue. Easily worn for both casual and athletic wear, the shirt would make for a perfect Christmas present. Snag it in their store.

The second part of their big news is that they are creating Team TopChed. It is a San Diego based travel team (25-35 player roster) that will compete in tournaments during the summer. They are accepting both current and post college players who San Diego's surrounding areas. If you are interested, then shoot them an email to with the following information; name, age, position, college, any post-college experience, and location.

Below is a mock-up of their team helmets and jerseys.

Click here for more info.
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