Todi, Footwear for Athletes

Todi USA manufactures après athletic shoes, exclusively designed for aggressive souls who beat their feet again and again. The company’s first shoe, the Todi Original™ is currently available in Model T Black. It's designed to provide comfort after a rigorous game or workout.

Plans are underway, however, to make the shoe available in a variety of high school and college team colors. To help ease the brunt of abuse athletes inflict on their feet on the field, pitch, court, slope or wherever their hard-charging efforts take them, Todi shoes feature the Physi-Form™ Insole that conforms to the wearer’s individual foot shape while still providing much-needed support.

Athletes tend to beat their feet; soccer players cram them into cleats, ski racers force them into plastic vises, runners pound the pavement and the trail, climbers use them to grip a rock façade. No matter what the sport, your feet take the brunt of the abuse. Todi designed the Physi-Form Insole with enough support to help the foot relax and the versatility to gradually conform and accommodate many foot shapes.

We personally tested these shoes and they're the real deal. Extremely comfortable is an understatement.

Also, Todi USA is proud to present The Todi Team™ an exclusive selection of top-performing athletes. They're looking for you to nominate outstanding individuals and athletes for sponsorship. Nominate yourself or friend right here.

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