Tiger Stripe Dye on Brine Money Goalie Head

A goalie came to me asking to dye his Brine Money goalie stick with a tiger stripe theme. He wanted the colors on the head to be Orange and Black and I immediately had the final product pre visualized in my head. I wanted a Bright Orange underneath a Dark Black. This dye job is fairly simple, with a ferocious outcome!

To start things off I sunk the entire head in a bath of Orange dye. Once the head was the Orange color I wanted, I took it out and proceeded to place tape on the inside of the head. Here you want to keep all the tiger stripes parallel to keep it clean. Once all the tape is laid down, I dipped the head in Black dye. Once the lacrosse head was Black, and the tape was peeled off from it, I was staring at the most fierce Brine Money ever to exist. View more photos of the Brine Money dye job below.

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