The STX Alliance Flexes its Muscle

The STX Alliance Flexes its Muscle

True Temper Flex from TrueTemper on Vimeo.

If you asked any lacrosse player years ago what characteristics were necessary in their ideal handle, their answer was always: lightweight and durable. While this is still the case, a third element is becoming just as important. Flex.

True Temper Lacrosse, backed by over 100 years of experience manufacturing golf shafts, has rapidly emerged on the lacrosse scene. TTL introduced FLEX Technology in their October 2011 release of the STX Alliance series after 18 iterations of lab testing, player performance testing, and field-testing. The STX Alliance series is a game-changer in the development of premium lacrosse handles.

With TTL’s mission of creating performance driven products with demonstrable results in mind, a test of over 100 players supported the extensive market research that goes into their products. 80% of players chose FLEX handles during blind testing. So, what’s all the fuss about? The STX Alliance is a lightweight, high strength composite with a concave octagon profile and super fine texture grip.

Utilizing a three-prong system, players are able to choose between the 85, 135, and 160 flex levels. LXM Pro Kyle Harrison chooses the 135, offering medium flex, developed to cater to all-around players. Harrison backs the shaft wholeheartedly, saying that he has added speed and power and that “you’ll feel the difference.”

The 160 is the stiffest shaft of the STX Alliance line. It provides support for more powerful players with the added benefit of flex alloys do not enjoy. A specimen at 6’4” and pure muscle, MLL and NLL pro Anthony Kelley chooses the 160.

“The immediate impact of FLEX Technology has been unbelievable,” said True Temper Director of Lacrosse, Ryan Harrington. “Typically, a new technology takes a year or so to really gain popularity with players. But we have seen this product explode in the market in its first season. We are still following up with players of all ages to see what they think and we keep getting the same responses, ‘the Alliance performs better than any handle I’ve ever had.’”

The 85 offers the line’s greatest level of flex, which enables players to generate more snap, power, and precision when shooting and feeding. MLL pro Brendan Mundorf neutralizes the size between him and Kelley with added flex. Simply put, though the shafts are engineered with certain players in mind, the STX Alliance series provides an array of options to fit an individual’s needs.

The STX Alliance isn’t just for the aforementioned pros, it is seen lining the sidelines at schools such as Johns Hopkins, Cornell, Syracuse, and UNC among others. True Temper Lacrosse will undoubtedly continue to push the envelope in its pursuit of performance driven innovation across all levels of lacrosse.

A high school standout from Temecula California, Michael Kay summed up the benefits of FLEX technology, “I felt like I could throw the ball harder and more accurately without as much force. The flex in the shaft makes the stick feel different and better than other shafts that I have used.”

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