The Reebok 10K Head and 10K O-Tech Handle

Today is a jackpot for any of you who are fans of Reebok’s products, because we have a preview of Reebok’s 10K 2010 line. Check out pictures below of Reebok’s 10K O-Tech handle and the Reebok 10K head.

Those of you already familiar with Reebok’s 9K O-Tech handle technology will be familiar with the 10K O-Tech handle, which includes ports of space built into the handle with the intention of reducing drag and creating a faster shot.

This year they’ve also come out with the 10K head, which has the same ports built into the scoop of the stick. The concept behind the head is the same concept as the shaft: with the ports there will be less resistance, a faster swing speed for your shooting and, in turn, a harder shot.




Below are more pictures of the head and shaft. The Reebok 10K head is meets both 2010 collegiate and high school specifications. The products will be in stores November 15.

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