The Nike CEO and Why I Use a Pink Head

When I was in high school, I only played with a pink stick, but it was to throw off the opponent by making them think that a kid with a pink stick must be a loser lol. After a while I realized that it could be a golden opportunity for me to draw awareness to breast cancer and that's what my purpose began to be.

Breast cancer hits close to home for me since I have had an Aunt and my grandmother pass away due to this disease. The pink stick I'm using for the rest of the season is for my Aunt Linda who lives in Fort Worth, Texas, who has started to go through Chemo to try to get rid of the cancer in her body. It's a new Nike head called the CEO. It's kind of the same shape of the Brine Clutch and i can make a good pocket with it.

After I graduate, I would like to continue the awareness of breast cancer in a number of ways. I have a pink helmet and gloves I used to wear to bring awareness, but I can't anymore because I was drafted to the MLL.

I hope that this stick will bring some more attention to the disease and an out pour of support.

Thank You and God Bless,
Jovan "Jovi Nation" Miller
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