The Epoch Hawk Lacrosse Head Gear Review

The Epoch Hawk Lacrosse Head Gear Review

Fly High Hawk
The Epoch Hawk is their first attempt at making a head for any player but definitely marketed towards the elite player. After using the head it really fits the needs of just about anyone on the field. Just like every product Epoch makes they have put a ton of time in research and development with the Hawk and it really does show when you pick it up to shoot around. Every aspect of the Hawk was pretty amazing.

Shape 9 out of 10
The Epoch Hawk is a head for the high pocket lover. The “Laid Back” offset to the Hawk doesn’t eliminate the opportunity for a low pocket but it sure does encourage towards a high pocket. Unlike most heads that offset at the throat the Hawk is offset more towards the top of the head and narrowed towards the throat which creates a set up for a pretty wide channel that still provides enough hold on the ball to dangle by your defender. It is nice and wide for catching passes across crease and meeting the NCAA Universal spec. It may look odd at first but the Hawk’s shape grows on you and provides a good feel between onset and offset heads giving fans of either an enjoyable experience. 9 out of 10
hawk head
Scoop 10 out of 10
When testing this head the scoop definitely stood out of us. Epoch has made a “Grooved Scoop” for the Hawk which may seem to be just aesthetic but it seems to have a major effect on the head. With the “Laid Back” design the Tressle Sidewall is straight across the top which would make ground balls normally feel odd when going through a good scoop but not with the Hawk. My assistant in this test played a couple games with it and came off the field saying without a doubt it’s the best scooping head he’s ever used. We played on some dirty fields where groundballs were an issue for almost every player all day, every player but James who was rocking the Hawk. GB’s win games and with the Grooved Scoop on the Hawk you’re definitely setting yourself up to win more than a few 10 out of 10.
hawk lacrosse head
Stiffness 9 out of 10
The Hawk is a reasonably stiff head but still soft enough to faceoff with or to be forgiving on a bad pass. The Hawk is flexible though to the point where fans of a hard poke check that doesn’t give will find it not as much to their liking. It plays solid through a pass or a faceoff, snapping back phenomenally well from several pinch and pops, and even when shooting but the Dpoles out there may not find it to be their favorite. The Hawk is stiff where it needs to be and holds up extremely well so don’t ever worry that it will be too soft for use here guys 9 out of 10.

Stringing 9 out of 10
First time stringers beware, the Hawk was a challenge. There are plenty of stringing holes and they are all well placed but being a non-traditional shaped head made the Epoch Hawk a good challenge. I have been stringing for over 10 years most of that professionally for companies with repeat customers and the Hawk made me curious. The possibilities are endless but the path to them was varied. The best part about the Hawk was that though I settled in on a high pocket using Epoch Otter Mesh the ball still was able to rock low in a one handed cradle. Once you figure out your pattern the stringing on the Hawk becomes a dream and you just really can’t lose. I’ve played with the Hawk using a low pocket, a mid pocket, and a high pocket all of them felt amazing definitely the perfect fit for the Otter Mesh. 9 out of 10 because we love a challenge but newer stringers may want a pattern. (Our pattern will be shown closely)
epoch hawk
Durability 10 out of 10
The Hawk took a beating, a serious beating and stood up to it with no issues. We threw slap checks, lifts, rusty gates, pinch and pops, terrible fields, and hard shots through defense at the Hawk and after the dirt is washed off it looks brand new. We have honestly put somewhere in the range of 40-50 hours on this head since we got it and you’d swear it was brand new when we pull it out of the bag. The Hawk will last you a good long time with no issues here guys 10 out of 10.

Looks ? out of 10
Really looks don’t matter much on a head but this one is a question. It is unusual but we love it, after a bit. It’s clean white or Pantone 382c (we love the Pantone seriously can’t say this enough) but the shape is just different. Over time it grows on you and becomes one of your favorite heads to see, not sure here guys just got to say let it grow on you because it definitely will. ? out of 10

Overall 9.4 out of 10
The Hawk may be a first effort but man does it come in like a seasoned veteran. If you are even considering getting a Hawk we definitely recommend it without a question. The whole experience with the Hawk has been amazing and we will definitely be keeping them in regular rotation for our house hold 9.4 out of 10 guys.

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