The Do's and Dont's of The Game

There’s quite the amount of aesthetically pleasing and not so agreeable aspects when it comes to style and appearance. Below is a list of what to do and what not to do.

Do punch in your pocket after a good lax sesh. Summer weather is humid and damp, so you must make sure to punch/mold your pocket to the proper depth. It should be a depth that meets the legal requirements, which leaves no space between the ball and the bottom of your head.

Don’t leave your pocket the way it was when you last played. Given the season and weather, your pocket can result in a shallow, dry and hardened sheet of mesh. The pocket is one of the most important items to take care of in lacrosse. No matter what the ‘Ol ball coach’ says, the pocket is a vital piece of equipment in terms of producing goals, crisp passes, and handling.

Do rejoice after a sick goal. You have most likely earned the right to celebrate a goal so why not relish it for a moment. A plus in the win column is a result of a string of positive moments over the course of a game. Teammates should join in the fun too. Take the Johns Hopkins Bluejays for instance. The attackmen, middies, D-men and goalie traditionally rush the teammate who scored. It’s definitely a great way to bring the team closer together as well as take pleasure in each goal.

Don’t act like a fool. No one likes a tool that can’t get enough of himself. Diving knees first like the forwards for Man U. isn’t going to give you any bonus points. It will gradually separate you from your teammates. Essentially it is classless in this sport. Please “check yo’self before you wreck yo’self.”  Lax is traditionally classy, so stay classy Strong Island.

Do take pride in your “look.” Come on, I’m sure we have all heard the expression, “Look good, feel good, play good.” It makes sense. Those of you who think otherwise may be in for a rude awakening. Hi-top, black molded cleats are okay for offensive lineman on the gridiron, but this is lax. Sleek, colorful mid and low cleats are poetry in motion. Gotta start somewhere!  Whether it is your hair; strings on your pocket; the way you wear your socks; you gotta start somewhere. Individuality is a beautiful thing.

Don’t look “tore up from the floor up.” Individuality is cool, but try not to step outside the boundaries of your team’s apparel. For instance, sporting a bright orange sweatband around your leg (below knee, above calf) when your team colors happen to be green and yellow is gross, right?! Being subtle is key when it comes to style.

LPG thinks these are helpful. Do you concur? What are your thoughts?
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