The Adrenaline Street Team takes on Game Day Preppers

The Adrenaline Street Team takes on Game Day Preppers

Adrenaline decided to mobilize its first street team from the most influential players in San Diego County to test innovative lacrosse products. Throughout this experiment, they will track these Adrenaline Street Team members in their pursuit of pushing the boundaries with these products so we might understand the equipment’s utility in Gameday situations. These top area players will then score their equipment against South Swell Buyer, Patrick Gowan’s five main evaluation criteria for products carried at his stores. He will then compare their assessments to his own to see who is truly Gameday ready and worthy of being called a Gameday Prepper. If their product evaluations match his own, they keep the gear. They will also be earning Adrenaline Apparel and other prizes along the way. If their assessments fall short, they go home empty handed.

Patrick Gowan is the buyer and Director of Operations for one of the top retail lacrosse chains in the country, South Swell Sports. Patrick is a 20-year veteran of the sport and has a 7-year track record for success within the retail market. He is noted amongst industry manufacturers for his discerning eye and critical testing of products. Nothing gets in his stores that fail to hold up to his criteria. While humble about his ability, his passion is what ultimately drives others to listen and embody his model of product evaluation.

The Adrenaline Street Team is a hand-selected group of players who are role models skilled at their craft, and beat to the Adrenaline “Feel It” Drum. For their first initiative, they will be on the front lines of testing and promoting new products from the best equipment brands the industry has to offer. There will also be social media and community service initiatives that these participants will need to complete throughout their experiment. These players will not only experience a product development component by product testing, but will also gain insight into the inner workings of a groundbreaking organic and social marketing campaign, while completing local community service missions and leading community enhancement. In turn, this marketing internship will help student-athletes gain experience in multiple areas of business, as well as provide a blueprint of how to successfully accomplish a larger than life marketing movement. Adrenaline hopes to empower others to follow the street team members throughout the 2012 by watching Game Day Preppers episodes and eventually help make a difference and Feel It.

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For more information on the Adrenaline Street Team and to watch episodes of GameDay Preppers, go to or and watch it on Lacrosse Playground Youtube Channel.
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