The 2015 Holiday Buying Guide by Stylin' Strings - Women

The 2015 Holiday Buying Guide by Stylin' Strings - Women

The below is a helpful holiday buying guide provided by our buddies at Stylin' Strings. Did they miss anything? Please shoot us a note at or on Instagram @lacrosseplayground

Looking for the 2015 Men's Guide? Click here.


Looking for the 2015 Men's Guide? Click here.


With the holidays right around the corner we would like to take some time to answer a few questions that we get asked every day. “What kind of stick should I get my daughter?” What would you suggest?”


Attack is a very demanding position in the women’s game and requires excellent ball control as well as pin-point accuracy when passing and shooting. An offensive player should always be ready to attack the goal and a stick that puts the ball into the sweet spot on the stick immediately is key.


Midfielders are all over the field all game, scooping ground balls blocking passes and creating turnovers to get the ball into the offense’s stick. Midfielders want a wider head as they have more surface area to make them more of a defensive threat. This may be the most important position on the field.


Defense requires constant hustle and vigilance, creating turnovers is a must. A stiff wide head with a great scoop is the best option to check, block, intercept and clear the ball away from the goal.


Goalies are the last line of defense and stand between every goal scored. They use the widest and strongest head in the game. Stiffness is extremely important when choosing a goalie stick as they must withstand high velocity shots as well as be wide enough to get in between the ball and the goal net.



As far as pockets in the women’s game go there are quite a few rules that limit what can be done to a pocket to enhance one player’s advantage over another. Keep in mind that every pocket can be strung with the desired placement and whip. Some women’s lacrosse players like to use the custom Traditional pocket however this pocket cannot be strung with a manufacturers center channel such as the paramount, gripper, or runway. The Girl String has been a tried and true pocket that has lasted in the women’s game for many years which is interchangeable with any center channel in the game. Finally the newest and most popular pocket for High School and College players this year has been the Ladder pocket. This is a pocket that has been deemed legal for use by US lacrosse and provides a handmade wide center channel that maximizes ball control and is a step above anything else in the game.


For the goalies in the women’s game there are three options for a great pocket. You can use any mesh as a goalie as the rules are not as strict when it comes to the pockets whether it is hard or wax coated as well as choose any pocket placement and amount of whip you prefer. First off you can build your own with any variety of shooter configuration. Next we have a G-Pro which fits great in any head includes a U shooter and is the most popular and widely used. Finally the Pappy is a little more advanced and channeled that the other options and uses a straight shooter configuration.

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